We offer hundreds of foreign language worksheets for your teachers and students.

You will find tons of printable worksheets for learning and teaching a variety of world languages. It is always great to learn a new language and how to communicate with others from different cultures and geography. Our foreign language (non-English) worksheets are meant to be used by those that are new to those languages. As our web site grows and we start seeing people from all over the world, we will start to add new language worksheet. The goal is to have 15 languages covered at some point.

Approximately 10% of all students in schools are learning English as their second language. In just over 20% of the homes in America English is not the primary language spoken. 70% of the English language learners have Spanish as their first language.

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Foreign Language Worksheet Categories

Read the descriptions of each worksheet section below and see which best fits your needs.

French Worksheets

These worksheets are designed to help you learn the transition between the English and French languages. Our major topics include: Adjectives, Days and Numbers, Following Directions, Grammar, Nouns, Picture Sentences, Reading Comprehension, Translation, Vocabulary

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Spanish Worksheets

A series of learning and teaching worksheets for English speakers to learn the Spanish language. We offer a wide variety of topics: Adjectives, Grammar, Greetings, Nouns, Numbers, Oral and Conversational Spanish, Picture Sentences, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, and Verbs

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