You will find common vocabulary, reading comprehension, and conversational French worksheets here.

Worksheets for English speaking students that are learning the French language. French is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the United States. Roughly 2.1 million people in the U.S. speak it fluently. Besides English, French is the most commonly taught language worldwide. France is the most visited country in the world volume wise. The language use in the United States has decreased percentage wise as the global economy comes more into play.

In this section of our site you will find materials that will help brand new learners to the language.  You might be able to use some of our review as well. We look at all the common aspects of starting a new language here.

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French Worksheet Categories

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Adjectives that are placed before the noun that they describe are referred to as BANGS adjectives.

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Days and Numbers

We work on things as simple as counting and as complex as operations. The days of the week are a good place to get started.

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Following Directions

We have some nicely down graphic based work. You will also find some text based activities to work off of.


Knowing what goes where and when is the most difficult part of French.


This is the flashcard part of the lessons. For most teachers, this is where they get started.

Picture Sentences

Which sentence best matches the actions we are seeing in the picture diagrams.

Reading Comprehension

Lets work on understand the passages and scripts that are present in this series of activities.

Reading Comp.


A great deal of what you'll see here are old works of the masters.


We were thinking about adding vocabulary charts for your classroom. Do you think that posters would be helpful?