This collection of worksheets covers the study of several different countries in North America, Africa, and the Far East.

"Social Studies" is a blanket term used to investigate what makes a culture, people, or country distinct from all of the others. It can incorporate economics, history, governmental structure, sociology, civics, religion, geography, anthropology, and much more. The following worksheets touch on these topics, introducing students to several different countries, but with a large focus on the United States. Short reading passages are accompanied by worksheets about each of the specific topics.

Note for instructors: If you have no place for these in your regular curriculum, these worksheets make great project seeds, independent essay topics, or extra credit assignments.

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Home to the world's longest river, largest desert, and largest waterfall. This continent is big on many things.

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African American History

February was chosen as Black History month so that it coincided with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln (pivotal to ending slavery) and Fredrick Douglass (prominent social reformer).

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American Revolution

The 18th century battle for the thirteen American colonies that resulted in the founding of the United States.

Bill of Rights

Introduced by James Madison, this is the name given to the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution.


This second largest country of the world is also home to one of the most educated cultures. Over half of the residents have college degrees.


The third largest country of the world borders fourteen other countries.

Civil Rights

The fight for equal rights for all that many believe still ensues today.

(American) Civil War

While the North's numbers greatly unnumbered the South's, brothers fought brothers over a four year period.

The 13 American Colonies

It took England 80 years, after discovering North America, to begin settling down on what today is considered the East Coast of the United States.

Community Helpers

The critical people who help our local communities carry on day to day.

Constitution (United States)

Penned in the same location (Pennsylvania State House) as the Declaration of Independence this document framed the U.S. government and the rights of its people.

The Declaration of Independence

We look at the document that basically created the United States of America.


Maps of countries, continents and oceans. Learn to identify places throughout the world.


We look at the power structure behind what drives the United States Government.

Great World Leaders

Leaders that lead there countries and/or civilizations to new way of life or thinking.


Though the influx of people into the United States began through Ellis Island (New York), today California has the largest population of Immigrants (just over 11 million).


These worksheets look at the country of the Rising Sun from ancient to modern times.

Native Americans

We look at the customs and culture of the original natives of North America.


A look at the early European settlers to North America.

Presidents of the United States

These worksheets revolve around the Commander and Chief.


The is on the diversity of religions throughout the world and the people that worship geographically.

States of America

We have an extensive section here where you can really get a solid cover on each and every state there is.

United States Elections

A look at the voting process, campaigning, and the act of general democracy.

United States Flag

The customs and history behind that of the United States flag.

United States Laws

What does it take to enact and enforce a law?

Winter Olympics

Wh, in their right mind, does not love watching someone sled down a sheet of ice at 100 miles per hour?

Womens History

The women that have changed the face of the world.

World Explorers

We look at the treks and travels of early explorers.