The following worksheets contain activities relating to events celebrated in the month of November.

All About the Month of November - November is the eleventh month of the modern-day Gregorian calendar, coming after January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, and October. There are 30 days in the month of November. November got its name from the Latin word Novem, meaning nine. Originally, November was the ninth month in the earlier versions of the calendar dating back to more than 2000 years ago, having 30 days. After 153 BCE, November was pushed to the eleventh place when January and February were added as the first two months and had 29 days. When Julius Caesar reformed the calendar, a day was added to the month, making it 30 days long. November is the seasonal equivalent of May. The full moon for November is known as Beaver's Moon. The birth flowers for November are chrysanthemums, while its birthstone is the topaz. While everybody in the United States looks forward to a big turkey dinner at the end of the month, November the eleventh, known variously as Veterans Day, Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day, celebrates the end of World War One. The United Kingdom also observes Guy Fawkes Day on the fifth, celebrating the failure of the Gunpowder Plot to assassinate the king. World Diabetes Day raises awareness of the disease on November the fourteenth.

All the printable worksheets below, just scroll down to see, are all themed around events or memorable dates for the month of November. If the weather is bad or you're just feeling too lazy to go outside, World Television Day is on November the twenty-first.

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Who Invented Basketball? Passage

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the USA. The man who invented this sport was named James Naismith. He was born in a small town in Ontario, Canada, on November 6, 1861.

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Who Invented Basketball? Multiple Choice Questions

James Naismith came up with 13 rules, two peach baskets that were raised 10 feet in the air, a soccer ball, and 9 players on each side.

Who Invented Basketball? Short Answer Questions

In January 1892, the official rules of the game were published. The rules are quite similar today, except that in Naismith’s day there was no such thing as dribbling.

How Does an X-ray machine work? - Reading Passage

Did you know that an X-ray machine is basically a special kind of camera? X-rays are similar to light.

X-ray machines - Multiple Choice Questions

Human eyes are sensitive to a certain wavelength of visible light, but not x-way waves, which have more energy (or radio waves, which have less).

X-ray machines Short Answer Questions

There are three major components that make up an X-ray machine: the vacuum tube, a high voltage power source, and an operating console.

What is Remembrance Day? Reading Passage

Every year on November 11, Canada stops to commemorate and honor the soldiers who died at war.

Remembrance Day Multiple Choice Questions

On Remembrance Day, Canada remembers those who served the nation during the First World War, The Second World War, as well as the Korean War, and current wars.

Remembrance Day Short Answer Questions

Today, Canada has a "Canada Remembers Program," which endeavors to keep the achievements and sacrifices made by those who served Canada in times of war and peace, to engage communities in remembrance, and to promise an understanding of their significance on life as it is known today.

What is Veterans Day? Reading Passage

It is celebrated on November 11th, because this date commemorates the signing of the treaty, which ended World War I.

Veterans Day Multiple Choice Questions

President Woodrow Wilson first proclaimed Veterans Day in the year 1919. At first, the day was created to honor only the soldiers who died in World War I.

Veterans Day Short Answer Questions

Veterans Day is often confused with Memorial Day. Memorial Day honors those service people who have died in action, while Veterans Day honors all those people who served.

What is Diabetes? Passage

When we eat food, our body breaks it down into glucose, which is the main source of “fuel” for our bodies. The cells in our bloodstream use glucose for growth and energy, but in order for the glucose to be absorbed, it requires something else to be present: insulin.

Diabetes Multiple Choice Questions

In the case that a person has been diagnosed with diabetes, it means that there is too much glucose in their blood.

Diabetes Short Answer Questions

Diabetes is very serious and can lead to a high risk of many complications, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, nerve damage, and gangrene on the feet, which could lead to amputation.

Who Invented the Sandwich? Reading Passage

Today, many regions, countries, and cities have sandwiches that represent their culture.

Who Invented the Sandwich - Multiple Choice Questions

For as long as there has been bread, people have been putting things on it – and there has been bread for a long time! In fact, during the Middle Ages, thick slabs of coarse bread were used as plates, called "Trenchers."

Who Invented the Sandwich? - Short Answer Questions

The term “sandwich” was legally defined in Boston during a court case, which ruled that a sandwich must include at least two slices of bread.

Who was King Tutankhamen?

If you’ve never heard of King Tutakkhamun, it may be because he is more often referred to simply as King Tut.

King Tutankhamen? - Multiple Choice Questions

As Pharaoh, he was ruler of state, church, and military. However, he was still a boy, so he had many advisors who helped him make decisions.

King Tutankhamen? - Short Answer Questions

King Tut is the most famous of all the pharaohs. This is largely because his tomb was the only one to be discovered during a time that the media was able to spread the news all over the world.

What was the Gettysburg Address?

It was made by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, and was delivered on November 19th, 1863. Abraham Lincoln made the speech at the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Gettysburg Address - Multiple Choice Questions

The Battle of Gettysburg was a major turning point in the Civil War.

Gettysburg Address - Short Answer Questions

Lincoln gave copies of his speech to each of his private secretaries. There were five drafts of the manuscript.

Who Was William Tell? Reading Passage

William Tell refers to a folk hero legend that comes from Switzerland.

Who Was William Tell? - Multiple Choice Questions

William Tell made the shot. The date was November 18, 1307. Using his bow and crossbow, he aimed and released – splitting the apple and leaving his boy safe.

Who Was William Tell?- Short Answer Questions

The actions of William Tell sparked a revolution, and eventually led to the formation of the Swiss Confederation.

What is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial? Passage

A soldier named Jan Scruggs, who served in Vietnam from 1969-1970, inspired the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Multiple Choice Questions

This national memorial is located in Washington, D.C. It recognizes those who died, served, and went missing during the war.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Short Answer Questions

Close to the wall there is another Vietnam memorial, which is a bronze statue, called The Three Soldiers. The soldiers are identified as White American, African American and Hispanic American.