The following worksheets contain activities relating to events celebrated in the month of January.

January is the first month of the modern-day Gregorian calendar. There are 31 days in the month of January, and every year, we celebrate the New Year on January 1st! The month of January got its name from the Roman God, Janus. Janus had two faces, and he could see the past and the future. He was also the God of doors. Previously, the month of January was not the first month of the calendar. The year used to begin in March, and later January and February were added. However, in 450 BCE, the beginning of the year was moved to January 1st. Initially, there were 30 days in January when the 10-month Roman calendar was introduced, but in 46 BCE, Julius Caesar's astronomers added a day while introducing the concept of Leap Years. January is considered the coldest month of the year in most of the Northern Hemisphere and the warmest month of the year in most of the Southern Hemisphere. The full moon of January is known as the Wolf Moon. The birthstone for January is the garnet symbolizing constancy, while January's birth flowers are carnations and snowdrops. January first is New Year's Day, which is always exciting, but why is it the start of the calendar? Has it always been that way?

Students will learn how we arrived at our current calendar, as well as explore some of the historical events and awareness campaigns that take place in the first month of the year. Activities include reading brief passages and answering multiple choice and short-answer questions about the material. When you look below you will find worksheets, that you can print, that themed all around events or celebrations that take place in the month of January. Fun Fact: The famous New Year's Eve "ball drop" in New York City's Times Square was first held in 1907.

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Why do some people wear glasses?

Glasses are an essential part of some people's lives. They would not be able to see street signs, read a book, or drive a car without them. Not everyone wears glasses for the same reasons. Some people have a condition called Myopia. It means they are nearsighted, and they cannot see far away.

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Glasses Multiple Choice Questions

January is National Eye Health Care Month. Which eye condition causes the cornea to change from round to cone shaped?

Short Answer Questions

Imagine everything in the world around you was not in focus. How would it affect your daily life? Do you feeling different about people who wear glasses? Are glasses an advantage, disadvantage, or neither?

New Year's Day Around the World - Reading Passage

The beginning of a new year is a time for celebration. Many people attend parties, feast on delicious foods, and participate in festive activities. People in the United States may stay up until midnight to count down the last few minutes of the old year, and sing or blow noisemakers when the clock strikes twelve o'clock, signaling the beginning of the New Year.

New Year's Day around the World - Multiple Choice Questions

Which country uses broken dishes as part of their New Year tradition?

Short Answer Questions

Imagine you lived in Denmark. Make a list of people whom you would wish a Happy New Year by throwing dishes at their door.

Why is January the beginning of the year? Reading Passage

Did you ever wonder why January is the first month of the year? It did not always have such a special place in the calendar. Depending on the country, the beginning of the year varied from one time of the year to another.

Multiple Choice Questions

What was the first month of the year in Rome before the Julian calendar was adopted?

Short Answer Questions

Design your own calendar for one cycle. You do not need to use twelve months in a year or even a year. Think about the best way to structure your calendar.

Glaucoma and Treatments for the Disease

Glaucoma is an incurable eye disease that can be treated successfully if it is detected early. It interferes with the proper operation of the optic nerve, resulting in pain and loss of vision.

Multiple Choice Questions

If the optic nerve is squeezed by the pressure from fluid, what does it prevent the brain from doing?

Short Answer Questions

What could you do to help a family member or friend who was suffering from Glaucoma? If you had vision loss from Glaucoma, how would it affect your life?

The Importance of Ellis Island Reading Passage

The United States of America was created from many people with different backgrounds and cultures. People who came to the United States brought their traditions, foods, and values to make new lives for themselves and their families.

Multiple Choice Questions

Ellis Island Opened on January 1st 1892.

Short Answer Questions

Who owned the island before New York? What type of business did he own? What are the two nicknames for the island? Why was it given these names?

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world. Around five million visitors every year come to Arizona to explore, camp, and hike the beautiful canyon.

Multiple Choice Questions

In what year did Garcia Lopez de Cardnenas visit the Grand Canyon? What President of the United States established the Grand Canyon as a preserve in 1906?

Short Answer Questions

Who opposed the Grand Canyon becoming a National Park? Why do you think they tried to stop the government?

The Revolutionary War: The Beginning and the End

The Revolutionary War, also known as the American War for Independence, was fought from 1775 through 1783. The war was between Great Britain and the thirteen colonies it controlled known today as the United States of America.

The Revolutionary War - Multiple Choice Questions

Who was the famous revolutionary that rode through the countryside to warn the colonists about the British?

The Revolutionary War - Short Answer Questions

The Revolutionary War ended on January 14th 1784.

The Winter Olympics Reading Passage

The first Winter Olympics was held on January 25th 1924 in France.

Winter Olympics - Multiple Choice Questions

What event is for demonstration only and not an official Olympic sport? What part of the Opening Ceremony do the athletes march into the stadium?

Winter Olympics - Short Answer Questions

What is similar between the Ancient Greek Olympics and the modern Olympics?

What Do Satellites Do? Reading Passage

Satellites keep the world connected. People need them for cellular phones, weather reports, navigation systems, television, military purposes, scientific studies and many other reasons. There are different types of satellites that perform a variety of functions.

What Do Satellites Do? - Multiple Choice Questions

What organization is responsible for the weather images shown on the news reports? About how many miles above the Earth does a Low Earth Orbit satellite revolve?

What Do Satellites Do? Short Answer Questions

Create a plan to clean up the "dead" satellites or space junk. What would you do? What types of things are considered telecommunications?

Ten Reasons to Eat Oatmeal in the Morning Passage

Oatmeal is one of the healthiest foods on Earth. Many people enjoy oatmeal for breakfast with delicious fruit, syrup, or yogurt to add flavor.

Eat Oatmeal in the Morning - Multiple Choice Questions

January is National Oatmeal Month. What chemicals are found in oatmeal to help fight cancer?

Eat Oatmeal in the Morning - Short Answer Questions

What is a wide-spread problem in the United States according to the passage? What can help the problem?