The following worksheets contain activities relating to events celebrated in the month of May.

May is the fifth month of the modern-day Gregorian calendar, coming after January, February, March, and April. There are 31 days in the month of May. The month of May got its name from the Greek Goddess Maia. Maia is identified with the Roman goddess Bona Dea, the goddess of fertility. Previously, the month of May was not the fifth month of the calendar. In the early versions of the Roman calendar, May was the third month. After Julius Caesar reformed the calendar in 450 BCE, it was pushed to its current position in the calendar. May is usually associated with spring and considered as the month when flowers and plants start to grow. The full moon of May is known as Flower Moon. The birthstone for May is emerald that symbolizes love and success. Its birth flower is lily. The first celebration to occur in May is, of course, May Day on May 1. In many countries worldwide, it is a celebration marking the beginning of summer. Next up is Cinco de Mayo on the fifth, which is a celebration of Mexico's defeat of the French army at the Battle of Puebla. The United States also commemorates its fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. And everyone takes a moment to give thanks for mom on Mother's Day.

The worksheets below are all themed on celebrations or events that take place during the month of May. Suggestion: Have your students trace the route of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (May, 1804) on a map, listing significant events.

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What did Lewis & Clark Do, Anyway? Passage

Thomas Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on a great expedition in May, 1804. They set out on a great journey across what was then the Louisiana Territory. They met unknown people, terrible weather conditions and unseen places.

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Lewis & Clark Multiple Choice Questions

What best describes Lewis and Clarke’s relationship before they became cocommanders?

Lewis & Clark Short Answer Questions

In your own words, what skills did Lewis and Clark possess to be able to successfully carry out such a journey?

What is Stuttering? - Reading Passage

Stuttering is a condition that affects the speech. It is a disorder that involves a person having disruptions in the production of speech sounds. These disruptions are also called "disfluencies." For example, a person might repeat words or precede a word with "um" or "uh."

Stuttering? - Multiple Choice Questions

When is National Stuttering Awareness Week? How many Americans stutter?

Stuttering Short Answer Questions

. Imagine you have a stuttering problem. How do you think it would feel to communicate with others in everyday situations?

History of Bicycles Reading Passage

From kids going for a recreational bike ride, to adults riding to work or utilizing cycling as a physical activity, bicycles are one of America’s favorite forms of transportation.

Bicycles Multiple Choice Questions

What part of the bicycle was developed in the 1940s?

Bicycles Short Answer Questions

"I must start riding my bike to work!" announced Susan. Give three reasons why she might say something like this.

What's the Most Popular Sport in America?

There are so many sports played and watched in America. These include Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, as well as some sports that becoming increasingly popular such as NASCAR and Mixed Martial Arts.

Sports Multiple Choice Questions

What is the most watched television event in the country, year after year?

Sports Short Answer Questions

Last year, many of the players on Jim's football team were injured. What are three things Jim's football team can do to reduce injuries next season?

Everything about Rhinoceros Passage

There are five species of rhinos, and most are found in Africa and Asia. The white rhino's name comes from the Dutch word "weit" which means wide.

Rhinoceros Multiple Choice Questions

How many species of rhinoceroses are there?

Rhinoceros Short Answer Questions

Other than the black rhino or the white rhino, what are two other types of rhinos?

What is the sun? Will it ever run out of gas?

The sun is the source of light and heat for our planet, as well as other planets in our solar system. The sun is a large star and can be defined as "any star around which a planetary system revolves." The sun has a diameter of about 1,392,000 kilometers. About 3/4 of the sun's mass is hydrogen, and the rest is made up of other elements, including helium, iron, oxygen and neon.

Sun Multiple Choice Questions

How long does it take light to travel from the Sun to Earth?

Sun Short Answer Questions

Imagine a world with no sun. Do you think we could live? Could plants grow? Explain why or why not. What do scientists predict will happen to the sun in five billion years?

Who celebrates Cinco de Mayo and why?

The Battle of Puebla was a very important battle for several reasons. For one, the French outnumbered the Mexicans. There were approximately 4,500 Mexican militia, while there were more than 6,000 French soldiers.

Cinco - Multiple Choice Questions

About how many French soldiers were involved in the Battle of Puebla?

Cinco - Short Answer Questions

Speak to someone who celebrates Cinco de Mayo. How does he or she celebrate? If you don’t know someone who celebrates this holiday, research the holiday online and list some ways a typical MexicanAmerican family may celebrate.

What is the Pulitzer Prize?

The Pulitzer Prize is an American prize for special achievements in newspaper journalism, literature, and musical composition. Established by Joseph Pulitzer, a Hungarian-American publisher, the award is administered by Columbia University in New York City.

Pulitzer Prize - Multiple Choice Questions

Which one of the following people did not win a Pulitzer Prize?

Pulitzer Prize - Short Answer Questions

Pretend you are a journalist and write a short article about a recent event in your community - an article that you hope will win the Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting!

What is Mother's Day? How did it come to be? Reading Passage

Every year, we celebrate our mothers on one special day – the second Sunday in May. A woman named Anna Jarvis (1864- 1948), who lived in Grafton, West Virginia, created the holiday. She wanted a special to celebrate mothers and motherhood.

Moms - Multiple Choice Questions

What type of flower is most widely associated with Mother's Day? In its early days, why was Mother's Day popular?

Moms Short Answer Questions

Betty and Jane and one of their mothers are attending a church service on Mother’s Day. Betty wears a red carnation and Jane is wearing a white carnation. Whose mother is sitting next to them?

How do we celebrate Memorial Day? Passage

Memorial Day is a special day of remembrance on which we honor those who have died in servicing the United States of America. Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day, and it was officially proclaimed on May 5th, 1868.

Memorial Day - Multiple Choice Questions

How many people usually attend the Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery?

Memorial Day - Short Answer Questions

After which war did the entire country begin to recognize Memorial Day?