The following worksheets contain activities relating to events celebrated in the month of April.

April is the fourth month of the modern-day Gregorian calendar, coming after January, February, and March. There are 30 days in the month of April. The month of April got its name from the Latin word, aperire, which means ‘to open.' The name was given to April since it was considered as the month of the growing season when trees, plants, and flowers began opening. Some people also believe that the name of April has originated from the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite. Previously, the month of April was not the fourth month of the calendar. In the early versions of the Roman calendar, April was the second month, with only 29 days. After Julius Caesar reformed the calendar in 450 BCE, it regained the 30 days status. The birthstone for April is diamond that symbolizes innocence. Its birth flowers are daisy and sweet pea. There are no celebrations within the month of April. Fooled you! Of course there are, and April Fool's Day is merely the first. History lovers will mention the anniversaries of the sinking of the Titanic and Paul Revere's famous ride, naturalists will point to Arbor Day, and-while most people certainly don't celebrate it. Federal income taxes are due in the middle of the month. April is also Autism Awareness Month.

The worksheets below are all themed on celebrations or events that take place during the month of April. Suggestion: April is also National Poetry Month in the United States. Have your students write a poem celebrating spring!

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Why Do We Play Tricks on April Fool's Day? Passage

Every year on April Fool's Day, people all over the world have fun playing lighthearted tricks on one another. April Fool's Day is celebrated every year on the first day of April.

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April Fools Multiple Choice Questions

One popular explanation for the origins of April Fool’s Day comes from the celebration of another popular holiday.

April Fools Short Answer Questions

Can you imagine if we had to change our calendar? Do you think it would be more difficult for today’s society to adapt to this change? Why or why not?

What is Autism? - Reading Passage

Children who have ASD often become withdrawn and indifferent to socializing. They may avoid eye contact and not respond to their names. Children with autism don’t understand social cues such as tone of voice or facial expressions, and they are often unable to know what constitutes appropriate behavior.

Autism - Multiple Choice Questions

Because ASD is considered a spectrum disorder, some people experience very mild cases.

Autism Short Answer Questions

There is no cure for ASD, but there are various forms of treatment. These include one-on-one training sessions, counseling, medication, and therapy.

What is Stress? Reading Passage

Stress is both an emotional and physical strain that is typically caused by factors from the outside world. Many people complain of being "stressed out" by work, obligations, and school. While stress is a normal response to events that make us feel unbalanced, worried or threatened in any way, too much stress can be a bad thing.

Stress Multiple Choice Questions

John is worried about a talk he has to give at work tomorrow. He stays up late practicing his presentation.

Stress Short Answer Questions

Jane is stressed about giving a speech in front of an audience. List some of the physical symptoms she will likely experience.

How do Rainbows Form?

Seeing a rainbow is always a delightful surprise. Perhaps you have seen one this spring - and wondered how it came to be. Let's find out.

Rainbows Multiple Choice Questions

Rainbows can be caused from nearly any sort of water spray or mist, combined with the right sunlight.

Rainbows Short Answer Questions

Explain where you must be standing in relation to the sun and the rain in order to see a rainbow.

The History of Libraries

You have probably visited the library many times. It is a place where we find and borrow books, useful materials, computers, and reference literature. The library has changed over time. Originally, the library housed only books.

Libraries Multiple Choice Questions

Did you know that the public library collective in the U.S. is the 12th largest Internet Service provider?

Library Short Answer Questions

Imagine you are an individual in Philadelphia in the year 1744 and you want to join a library. What would you need to do?

What is a Patent and why do we need them?

A patent is form of intellectual property protection. A patent is given to an inventor and is issued by the Patent and Trademark Office; and it grants the inventor property rights of that idea.

Patents Multiple Choice Questions

April 26 is World Intellectual Property day. In the USA, can a corporation apply for a patent?

Patent Short Answer Questions

Imagine your have just invented a new sort of dog leash that will revolutionize the way we walk dogs. You decide to get a patent. Choose one of the four incentives and explain why it would encourage you to obtain a patent.

What was the Titanic? Reading Passage

The Titanic was considered "unsinkable," and was extremely luxurious. The First-class section of the boat features a squash court, a swimming pool, expensive furniture and general opulence.

Titanic - Multiple Choice Questions

What shipping company owned the Titanic? What country was the Titanic built in?

Titanic - Short Answer Questions

If there were 2,223 people on board the Titanic, and 1,517 of them died, then how many survivors were there?

What is income Tax? Why do we have it? Passage

Governments tax their citizens as a way of generating revenue to pay for public programs and services. Income taxes are collected at the end of a 12-month period, which is referred to as a fiscal year.

Taxes - Multiple Choice Questions

In the year 1894, how much income did a household need to generate in order to be required to pay income tax?

Taxes - Short Answer Questions

Do you think it is fair that people who earn more money pay more income tax; and people who earn less money pay less?

Who Was Paul Revere? Reading Passage

Paul Revere was an American patriot who was born in Boston on January 1, 1735. He worked as a silversmith, and he became a hero in the American Revolution. He rode his horse from Charlestown to Lexington, Mass., on the night of April 18, 1775 to warn that British troops were approaching.

Paul Revere - Multiple Choice Questions

What we was Paul Revere going to warn his countrymen of?

Paul Revere Short Answer Questions

Find and read a copy of the famous poem, "Paul Revere's Ride." Write a brief summary of the poem.

What's Arbor Day? Passage

Arbor Day is a day on which we celebrate trees. The first Arbor Day took place on April 10, 1872 in Nebraska. Arbor Day was the idea of a man named Julius Sterling Morton, who was a journalist and a politician. He believes that it would be beneficial to plant trees because it would not only look beautiful, but it would provide shade and break the wind.

Arbor Day - Multiple Choice Questions

What is the name of the tree-planting festival that takes place in Korea? Why was Arbor Day originally observed on April 22?

Arbor Day - Short Answer Questions

Speak to a homeowner or adult about why trees are important to your Local Park, neighborhood, or home. Write down the highlights of your conversation.