These worksheets review basic vocabulary and introduce family relationships, household rooms, the weather, and more.

Each of these worksheets contains a list of Spanish vocabulary terms regarding clothing, families, the months of the year, animals, parts of the body, rooms and household furniture, methods of transportation, and other intermediate subjects. Students will try to match the Spanish words with either their English equivalents or a pictorial representation by drawing connecting lines. Students will also benefit by learning which gender of article to use with individual nouns.

Basic nouns are the foundation to getting along in a new language. If someone says “Será frío hoy así que usa un abrigo,” you'll want to know to grab a coat.

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Draw a series of lines from the pictures to the matching Spanish word.

Spanish Animals

Cows, fish, ducks, bunnies, dogs, cats, pigs, butterflies, elephants, and chickens.


A favorite topic of Spanish teachers everywhere.

Parts of the Body

It's good to review this a few times a week with your classes.

Family Time

Draw a line from the English word to the Spanish word.

Months of the Year

A mainstay worksheet for early level of English to Spanish learners.

Que Colores

You don't necessarily need to print this one in color, but it definitely can't hurt.


A voyage to look at foods including milk, eggs, apples, bread, meat, salads, orange juice, water, cheese, ice cream.

Mi Casa

Time to look at household rooms and items associated with homes.


The vocabulary presented here is all associated with seasons and the time of years.