Nothing works your pronunciation skills like some great, complicated tongue twisters! Try them out!

Spanish in the primary language of just under thirty countries and four hundred million people of the world. Because of this being able to hold a conversation in Spanish is a key to many business and travel situation and one that we should prepare for. There is an effective method you can use to prepare for expanding your vocabulary and language skills to get you ready for holding conversations. It all begins by focusing on the basic greeting and ordering simple restaurant meals. We then advance to having scripted conversational like playing a role in a play. Once we understand what we are saying in scripted form, it good to try proceeding to holding simple conversations with others. We encourage teachers to lead the conversation as students see them as less threating and only there to get the best out of their students. Once your students are confident with their conversation skills, set them loose on holding a real conversation in Spanish. Many local restaurants have authentic speakers that would love to help you along this journey. Give them a call and get this field trip a rolling.

Pronunciation is, obviously, a very important part of learning to use a new language. Have your students practice the correct pronunciation of consonants, double consonants, and vowels by trading off parts in short scenes, reciting poems and songs, or working their way through Spanish tongue twisters. Be sure to print all pages in this set, as two of them contain the English translations for all of the others. Fun Fact: Spanish is the world's second-most spoken native language after Mandarin Chinese. It contains elements of Latin, Greek, and Arabic.

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Script Reading

Have the students read the following scripts aloud with each other. Pay attention to their pronunciation. Instruct them to switch parts as indicated.

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Escritura Siete

A script written for the comedy restaurant.

Eight Desks

Colorful and conversational lyrics for you to read and talk about.

Office: Work Languages

Jaime drops the cage. Three sad tigers swallowed wheat in a wheat field.

Writing and Editing

If the maidservant who serves you does not serve you as a servant, what good is it for you to serve a servant who does not do what it serves.

The Funny Restaurant

Another script for you to work through with the students.

De Colores

The fields are bright with colors in the Spring.

Escritura Una: Hola

It's time to work our Language barrier in a school setting.

Writing Two: How Many

Let's start to explore questions and the process of queries more.

Time of Day

We look at all kinds of time changes and finding the time change.

Animales Y Colores

Time to see how the farm yard is doing.

Sonnet for Francisco de la Torre

Explore literature written in Spanish.

Sonnet #2

Another classic for you to work with in a classroom setting.