Students must match the pictures in the worksheets to the correct Spanish sentence.

When we are learning a new language, it is important to stay motivated and the best way to do that is to do fun activities. In this selection of worksheets students will be given an incomplete Spanish sentence and asked to complete the sentence when given a picture that encompasses the sentence. This helps students focus on the required vocabulary. This is a great way to start building up your reading and writing endurance in Spanish. Start by just identifying the overall concept or theme that a sentence explores. Learning in this bit by bit environment really helps students expand their sense of self and progress with their language skills and a greatly accelerated rate. I would encourage teachers to instruct students to look at the pictures first and think of a sentence in the hear (in English). Then translate that thought, in your head, to Spanish. Now you are ready to tackle those sentences in Spanish, see if you can complete from just that simple exercise.

These sheets introduce short sentences featuring basic nouns and adjectives and simple verb conjugations. Cartoon illustrations show different scenes that act as prompts for identifying the correct sentences. Students must match the letter of each drawing with the right phrase. Instructions are provided in English, but all sentences are in Spanish only. Subjects include daily activities, animal antics, transportation, the seasons, school activities, families, the arts, the weather, and more. As with any language, starting small and simple gives you a stable foundation on which to build more complex communication.

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Things on the Go!

Write the letter of the picture after the sentence that describes it.

Action Words

All of these people and animals are being very active.

Studying and Reading

Describe the people that are doing science experiments, working at their locker, making art, and reading the newspaper.

Drinking and Eating

Pay attention to what every person is eating or working on.

Animal Farm

A chick, playing puppy dog, moo cow, fish, singing bird, sleeping cat, and playful piggy.


Seems like everyone is getting a good read in for this one.

Mixed Bag

I tried to find some type of relationship between the subjects of each picture, it's tough to find any connection at all.

Seasons and Weather

Which picture works best for each picture here?

Those Crazy Kids

Young families traveling around with their kids and grandpa grabs a balloon.

Arts and Crafts

I'm not sure the thimble fully qualifies as crafts, but the dancing, drawing, and violin playing is definitely art.