A set of spelling tests for students to practice distinguishing between common Spanish consonant sounds.

Depending on who you ask, there are between twenty-five and thirty letters in the Spanish alphabet, and the pronunciation of them may depend on where they fall within a word, or which letters precede or follow them. Students will listen to the instructor recite the words in order to distinguish which letter or combination of letters is called for in particular words, and will either fill in letter blanks within given words, or write the entire word in the provided blank.

The answer keys associated with the completely blank worksheets will provide the correct word list for the instructor to recite.

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Print Spanish Spelling Worksheets

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Listen carefully and complete the words with either: lla, lle, lli, llo, or llu.

"I" Sounds

View the answer key first teachers. Dictate the following "I" words to the students.

ra, re, ri, ro, ru

Complete the words that your teacher says with either ra, re, ri, ro, or ru.

"K" sounds

Dictate the following words with the "k" sound to the students. Look at the answer key first.

ll or l

Listen carefully this can be hard to discern with certain Spanish speaking dialects.

"ll" Spelling Words

Work with "ll" words including: amarillo, gallina, pecadillo, quesadilla, cedilla, llevar, pollo, lluvia, llamo, ella.

"n" or "n (with tilde)"

Some computers have trouble rendering tildes. We embedded it in the file, so the printable should be no problem for you at all.

Tilde "n"

Spell the word correctly using the correct tilde for: nino, pequena, Espanol, ano, sueno, otono, senal, camapana, pinata, senor

Syllable Sounds

Students are listening for the syllable sounds: rra, rre, rri, rro, rru


Students are listening for the difference between "rr" and "r."