In these worksheets, your students will match the Spanish verbs to their English equivalents.

This collection of worksheets will allow your students to review basic Spanish verbs, some of which will be conjugated and some of which will not be. Students will match by drawing lines, filling in blanks, circling multiple choices, and answering questions. Both regular and irregular verbs are represented, as are all verb tenses. Instructions are presented in English (along with the Spanish translation) for each worksheet.

Fun Fact: the ten most commonly-used Spanish verbs are: Ser, Estar, Tener, Hacer, Poder, Decir, Ir, Ver, Comer, and Tomar.

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Print Spanish Verb Worksheets

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Common Verbs

Draw a line to the correct English meaning.

Conjugated Verbs

Match the conjugated verb to the correct English translation.

Common Verbs #2

to hide, to understand, to fear, to eat, to drink, to have to, to read, to run, to learn, to sell

Conjugated Verbs #2

Draw a line from the conjugated verb to the correct English meaning.

Verb Match

Circle the correct meaning of the word. Three to choose from.

Firey Verbs

These very active verbs include: to climb, to decide, to discuss, to live, to admit, to write, to open, to receive, to describe, to exist

-IR Verbs

Conjugate all the verbs that are given. A full walkthrough example is provide at the top.

Verb Review

Match the English verb to the Spanish verb and then conjugate the verbs.