These worksheets review basic vocabulary words such as numbers, days of the week, colors, and more.

We use numbers so often that we do not even realize how frequently they come out of mouths. We use them for ages, times, dates, understanding distances, prices, and conversations of all kinds. Having a strong number sense in another language follows a progression that is pretty sequential, isn’t that ironic? It all starts with learning to count to ten. We then go from our teens to twenty, that is a good starting point. We then progress on to teaching the concept of dates in Spanish. They follow the basic scheme that English does, so it is not too difficult. After dates, we move on to telling time in Spanish. Just like dates, time telling is not that difficult. From there we finish off with using ordinal numbers to explain sequences. We asked about twenty different veteran Spanish teachers what the best way to learn and teach numbers, they all said the same thing. Repetition, repetition, and keep this repetition motivating for students. They highly stress that warmups in Spanish class are a key. This can be done by just reviewing where you left off from the last class or homework. They encourage the use of flashcards and numbers worksheets like you will find below.

Students will match English and Spanish terms, fill in blanks in sentences using words from a provided list or word bank, answer prompts, and match pictures to words. Some pages will provide translations for each word to assist with the matching, and others will not. These sheets cover simple vocabulary terms such as the days of the week, the months of the year, colors, and numbers. Instructions for each page are provided in English. In Latin American countries, the fiesta de quince años is the celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday. The term quinceañera refers to the guest of honor, not the party itself.

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How Old Are You?

Roughly translated: How many years do you have?

The Colors

Write the correct Spanish color on the line provided.

The Colors

Yellow, black, orange, white, red, green, blue, purple, brown, and pink.

Days of the Week in Spanish

lunes (Monday), martes (Tuesday), miércoles (Wednesday), jueves ( Thursday), viernes (Friday), sábado (Saturday), domingo (Sunday)

Months of the Year

Match the correct Spanish month to its English counterpart.

Months and the Year

Write the correct Spanish word for the given month in the line provided.

Spanish Numbers

Fill in the blank with the correct Spanish number word.


Match the picture with the correct Spanish number word.

Spanish Age

Telling and asking age in Spanish. Write the proper Spanish number on the line provided.