Students must match the pictures in the worksheets to the correct French sentence.

These sheets introduce short sentences featuring basic nouns and adjectives and simple verb conjugations. Cartoon illustrations show different scenes that act as prompts for identifying the correct sentences. Students must match the letter of each drawing with the right phrase. Instructions are provided in English, but all sentences are in French only. Subjects include daily activities, animal antics, transportation, the seasons, school activities, families, the arts, the weather, and more.

As with any language, starting small and simple gives you a stable foundation on which to build more complex communication.

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6 Matching Sentences

Write the letter of the picture after the sentence that describes it.

Unique Sentences

Each of these picture are going in a totally different direction. A single vocabulary word could give this one away.

Transportation Sentences

Everything is moving along well here.


Make sure to note that one kitty is sitting. Even though the bottom picture looks like another kitty, it really is a young puppy dog.

Reading Pics

There are books all over the place here. Some are active, others are just piled up there.

Mixed Thoughts

Two of these sentences give students a lot of trouble. Can you figure out which ones?

Seasons and Weather

There is one sentence that is way off in right field, literally.

Mothers and Grandmas

A really clever thing to point out to students is that you only have one singular picture. How does that affect the sentence structure?

The Arts

Arts and crafts, dancing, playing the violin, and painting a masterpiece.

Fun, Fun

An old pup, watering the flowers, jumping rope, and staying up late studying.