These sheets introduce expanded vocabulary lessons, including shapes, fruits and vegetables, clothing, animals, and more.

When it comes to learning French vocabulary words there are a bunch of different techniques that can be very helpful for you to learn them fast. Not only fast, but they will stick with you. While many teachers start by teaching whole words, we tend to encourage you to learn French root words. You can do this by learning words that share the same root at the same time. It often is helpful to learn French/English cognates early on in your learning process. Cognates are words that are very similar between two languages. Some straight examples are the words: animal and ambulance. These words are spelled the same and pronounced the same in both languages. Then you have cognates that are really close in spelling and pronunciation, but there is a subtle difference in both. This can be found in words like: vocabulary (English) : vocabulaire (French) and artist (English) : Artiste (French). A good method to learn how to pronunciate words is to listen as much as possible. You can watch YouTube clips that have French/English speakers to learn all the little nuances between the languages.

One of the biggest advantages to learning a foreign language is to be able to get the food and drink you want, whether you are ordering at a restaurant or shopping at a local grocery store. Similarly, you also want to be able to dress appropriately for the weather and whatever activities you have planned. These sheets cover more involved activities and items you would use on a daily basis. Since France is famous for its wonderful food, you definitely want to be able to identify the dishes and ingredients correctly.

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Les Animaux

What are the French words for cat, dog, cow, bird, fish, bunny, and pig?

Les Couleurs des Animaux

We build off of the last worksheet by asking the colors of certain animals.

Les Vetements

We work on the words for jacket, shirt, shoes, jeans, pants, and a dress.


The human body. I always have trouble remembering the word form hair and hand.

Animal Colors Quiz 2

Write the French word for the color of each animal.

Animal Names Quiz

With this one, if you do it as a group activity, you also ask students to name the colors surrounding each animal.

Animal Colors Quiz

Write the French word for the color of each animal. We forced the extra credit on you for this one.

Animal Names Quiz

The goat and swan always throw me here.

Dairy Quiz

Write the French word for the name of each dairy item.

Fruit Quiz

Write the French word for the name of each fruit item.

Fruit Quiz 2

Write the French word for the name of each fruit item.

Fruit Quiz 3

Vocabulary words for limes, lemons, grapes, plums, and more berries.

Kitchen Quiz

Write the French word for the name of each kitchen item.

Shapes Quiz

Write the French word for the name of each shape.

The Perfect Snack Quiz

Is there ever a perfect snack? I think it lasts for about 2 weeks, than you are sick of it.

Veggie Quiz 1

How do you say corn, carrots, cabbage, onions, broccoli, and pickles?

Veggie Quiz 2

Everyone has their favorite vegetables. Some of these include eggplant, carrots, mushrooms, celery, and cauliflower.

Veggie Quiz 3

These vegetables are more common with non-French cultures, but with the global economy, everyone needs to know these words as well.


What color are all the paint buckets?

La Nature Seasons

You are given the English word and asked to come up with the French word for it.


We work on vocabulary that is common to the average daily travels.

Quelle Couleur?

This is really an open response worksheet if you have crayons handy.

Quelle Couleur?

We finish with typical school day questions for you to answer.