Students will practice translating nursery rhymes and kids' songs from French into English.

An easy way to learn basic vocabulary such as the days of the week, parts of the body, the seasons, and even different verb tenses is to use them in simple rhymes and songs. Students will reinforce their knowledge of foundational nouns, verbs, and grammar by translating short, familiar pieces from French into English. Most sheets break each piece down into individual lines and provide spaces for the translations.

As a bonus assignment, have the students write a simple children's song or poem using the vocabulary they have already studied.

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Little Pigs

Can you translate the following French nursery rhyme into English?

The Moonlight

Can you see something coming to life in the moonlight? Not sure I do either.

Are You Sleeping?

This is how my brother always woke me up, as a child.

Autumn Magic

When the leaves are falling and the days are getting shorter. That's when all the colors come out.

My Face

Can you recite the nursery rhyme and touch the relevant places on your face?

The Week

I'm usually more excited about Fridays than this song lets on.

More on the Week

The days of the week are fully planned out here.

More From the Moon

Hard to write with a pen when you can't see a thing.

Moon Nights

Where is my neighbor going with that kitchen item?

Luna Lyrics

Yes, it's easy to see that the French love to focus their art around Luna.