Practice basic vocabulary with instructions written in English and target words written in French.

It is very important for students to be able to follow directions regardless of the language that you are speaking or writing in. Even when they grow up, they will have to face situations where following directions is required. Whether it is a school, workplace, or a baking class, learning to follow directions can ease things for them. Moreover, it is important for the safety of the child. When your child stats going out on their own. You will have to provide them instructions about how they have to wait for red light to cross the road. And you will also have to teach them the right address which they can only understand if they know how to follow directions.

This collection of worksheets will help you review the days of the week, months of the year, counting, colors, and other basic vocabulary components by coloring, marking, matching, or differentiating them in other ways. Instructions are given as a mix of English and French to assist in acquiring familiarity of specific target word sets without the frustration of first having to translate entire sentences that would contain unfamiliar words. Louisiana was a French colony, and many place names and festivals of the region contain basic French vocabulary, such as Baton Rouge (red stick) and Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday).

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Print French Follow Directions Worksheets

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Paint the House

Paint the specific part of your home in the French words given.

Days of Week

See how definitive your hold down on the days of the in French are with this worksheet.

A World of Colors!

The chart is given to you in French the directions for coloring are given in English. Now go color away.

Bags of Money

Before Euros they were called Francs.Quite fitting name don't you think?

Months of the Year

A typical French I activity. You are asked to color the months of the year.

Summer, Fall, Winter

The months go cold to hot all the way here.

Color and Write Da Months

All of the months of the year are key here. Read the directions very carefully. You might need a few run throughs here.

Recognize the Months

You will need a full understanding of the French words to finish this one. Take your time...

Positional Yo-yos

Color all the of the Yo-yos you are asked to based on the direction set.

Stars of Color

Gte your crayons ready. You will need a full understanding of the number sets to get this one right.

Ballons to Color

This is a unique series of directions that focuses around the number system.