These sheets are an introduction to simple verb tenses using common vocabulary words.

In a linguist sense French and English are very similar languages. They are both based on the subject, verb, object sentence structure languages. In English, this is where these elements appear in that order (subject-verb-object) of a well composed sentence. While the sentence structure is similar in French, the verb and object switch places. So French sentence structure would more correctly be termed a subject, object, verb. In English we usually see adjectives placed before the nouns that they describe, but in French you will find that adjectives trail the nouns they are connected with. Being from Quebec, I had the advantage of learning both languages at about the same time. People that grow up learning English and transition to French often tell me that French grammar is very gender driven, meaning that just about every noun pretty much has gender aspect to it. In English there are pronouns that mostly encompass gender.

These French grammar worksheets will help students learn how to use verbs and future tense to make your sentence grammatically correct and well driven to the point. There is some translating you may need to do as well. We would encourage you to write a few sentences on your own to make sure they get their due. Your students will begin to learn how to conjugate French verbs based on singular and plural pronouns in past, present, and future tenses. In most cases, the pronouns are provided along with blanks for the student to enter the correct verb form. In other sheets, the conjugations are provided and the student must translate them into English phrases with the correct tenses. Memorizing verb constructions and tense conjugations is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to anyone learning a new language. Practice definitely helps.

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Regular ER Verbs

Please conjugate the verb ‘chanter’ in the present tense.

Future Tense

Please translate and conjugate the verb 'vendre' in the future tense.

Dancing on Verbs

Please conjugate the verb ‘danser’ in the present tense and fill in the other missing verbs.

Regular IR Verbs

Please conjugate the verb ‘finir’ in the present tense.

More Ir Verbs

Growing old together is a different look for some people.

Re Verbs

Are we missing something hear? Get it ?

Re Verbs

We start by working off of vendre.

Passe Compose

Please translate the sentence from English to France. Remember you are conjugating the verb ‘choisir’ in the past tense.

Ways to Ask

Translate the phrases (that are all questions, by the way) from French to English.

Future Tense

Please translate and conjugate the verb ‘venir’ in the future tense.