Students will read very short stories and articles and answer questions about the material.

One sure fire way to become more fluent in a new language is to read. When you begin reading French it almost paramount that you learn to pronunciate words properly by learning French sounds. You will need to set some time aside to focus on these words at a higher frequency environment. Once you feel pretty comfortable with the sounds, you can progress to reading articles in a French newspaper or website. You can also watch a few YouTube videos to make sure you are saying the sounds properly. When this becomes easier for you, I would set aside fifteen minutes a day to read very elementary French books. Your goal with reading comprehension if you are just immersing yourself in the language is to be able to read at a middle school French level. This takes most adults a few years to approach and then they are ready to speak in French conversations.

Each of these worksheets presents a very short story, fable, or article and has a set of questions about the material that students must answer. The paragraphs are written entirely in French, but the questions (and the instructions) are in English. It is up to the instructor as to whether the students should write their answers in English or French. Each story has an illustration that helps provide a little bit of context. Please note: The first worksheet (French Fairgrounds) has True/False questions that are also in French.

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French Fairgrounds

Please read the following paragraph from take to bottom. Are the 3 following statements true or false? This passage takes a look at how the French culture values amusement parks.

The Insect Fable

Those crickets just won't leave you alone all summer. Now the ant has to borrow food from a neighbor. We read a passage of the old fable and answer four open response questions.

The Story of Lisa, Nathalie, and Marc

Please read the following introduction, and answer the following questions by writing the name Lisa, Nathalie or Marc. The story is told from a fifteen year old girl that lives in London.

Magician Sequence

Please read the text about the Great Magician, le Grand Zoromètre. We follow the story as he performs his music box trick. Then put the following five sentences in correct order.

The Little Prince

Read the passage in French and answer the questions in English. There are four free response questions for you to complete after you are done.

Salad Days

Read the nursery rhyme and then see if you can name all of the vegetables mentioned in the song. (Hint: there are three.) This is a catchy little rhyme.

Long Ride Down

We examine a children's song and find a lot of familiarity in something that is completely foreign to most of us. See if you can read into the emotions of the singer.

At the Hotel

This script is a basic conversation between a hotel employee and a female customer. See if you can determine who the employee is and who the customer is.

Away From Home

The following is a letter written by Anne Fournier while in France and learning to speak French! Please read the letter. Can you answer all of the following questions correctly?

The Cheese Tale

You may recognize this traditional tale. Please read and answer the questions. This is a classic that has been used in many different languages.