These worksheets review basic vocabulary and introduce family relationships, household rooms, the weather, and more.

Each of these worksheets contains a list of French vocabulary terms regarding clothing, families, the months of the year, animals, parts of the body, rooms and household furniture, methods of transportation, and other intermediate subjects. Students will try to match the French words with either their English equivalents or a pictorial representation by drawing connecting lines. Students will also benefit by learning which gender of article to use with individual nouns.

Nouns are important because you will certainly want to know if someone tells you that ice cream is being served in the dining room.

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Les Animaux

Even the directions are in French, "Tracez une ligne de l'image au mot".

Les Vetements

Match the clothing based vocabulary word to the pictures.


Draw a line from the English word to the French word.


We work on the words for Grandmother, Grandfather, Mommy, Daddy, Sister, Brother, Aunt, and Uncle.

Food and Eating

Eggs, bread, apples, vegetables, orange juice, cheese, and of course ice cream.

Months of the Year

A nicely put together French-English matching activity.

Mon Corps

Learning about your body parts. We really used the heck out of that loose arm.


I always remember parts of a home as "My Mansion". Even though I grew up in a 1-bedroom apartment.


We look at things related to seasons and weather that it is associated with.

Les Moyens De Transport

All the popular forms of transportation are here: planes, trains, motorcycles, cars, boats, trucks, and bicycles.