Whether you look forward to it or dread it, heading back to school is a busy time. These worksheets focus on school activities and situations.

The following collection of worksheets contains a number of short reading passages detailing fun, strange, or cool events that take place in and around all of the back to school activities. Two separate answer sheets are associated with each passage. One is a multiple choice worksheet and the other is a short-answer worksheet. Instructors may choose to use either or both question sheets (answer keys are provided for all). Note: In addition to student activities, this set also includes a number of checklists that students and parents can use as part of their back to school preparations.

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Alien Reading Worksheet

Alien in the Classroom Passage

Mrs. Frusetta's kindergarten class has a special guest who dresses funny and talks funny. Is it an alien?

Alien Question Worksheet

Alien in the Classroom MC Questions

The reading passage can be found below. When will the guest teacher arrive? What grade does Mrs. Frusetta teach?

Alien Short Answer Worksheet

Alien in the Classroom - Short Answer Questions

Why doesn't Mrs. Frusetta answer the students' questions about the guest teacher in the morning? What is the first thing that the students notice that is different about their classroom?

Summer Reading Worksheet

Best Summer Ever Reading Passage

I, Joey Quinn, had the best summer ever. You’re probably thinking, "Whatever! My summer was the best summer ever!" But you're wrong and I'm going to tell you why. So sit back folks, the Joey train is in motion and it's going to be a wild ride down memory lane.

Multiple Choice Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions - Best Summer Ever

How many reasons does Joey give to support his claim of having the best summer ever?

Summer Short Answer Worksheet

Short Answer Questions - Best Summer Ever

What are the three reasons Joey gives for having the best summer ever? Brian's new pool + Zucchini Baseball + Summer Job = Best Summer Ever.

Wendy Reading Worksheet

Where's Wendy? Reading Passage

It was the first day of 5th grade at Margaret Elementary. Finally, we were the oldest kids in school! My best friend Wendy and I talked all summer about how we were going to make it the best year ever.

Wendy Reading Question Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions - Where's Wendy?

Why does Wendy go away at the end of every summer? Why does Lisa check the desks in her classroom?

Wendy Short Answer Worksheet

Short Answer Questions - Where's Wendy?

Describe the relationship between Lisa and Wendy. How does Lisa first react when she sees Wendy's name is missing? Who does she ask?

Big House Reading Passage Worksheet

The Big House Reading Passage

James, Harry, Brian, and Matt are nervous about going to high school. It's their first day. Ouch!

Multiple Choice Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions - The Big House

The first day of High School can be tough for anyone.

House Short Answer Worksheet

Short Answer Questions - The Big House

 Who is the most nervous of the group? How can you tell? Why does James seem like he doesn't care about John Tucker?

Reading Worksheet

First Day of Kindergarten

Jamie was worried. It was his first day at kindergarten and he didn't know if he was going to like it. Not only that, he was going to be away from his mother for a whole day. His mom worked at home as a writer, so she was always around to talk and play with him.

First Day Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions - First Day of Kindergarten

Why is Jamie nervous about going to kindergarten? What does Jamie do first?

Short Answer Worksheet

Short Answer Questions - First Day of Kindergarten

Why is it good for Jamie that there will be members of his play group in his class? Why does Jamie immediately go play with Connor?

Girl in School Reading Worksheet

New Girl in School Reading Passage

Tara's parents take her to JMM to register and meet the choir teacher and students who make her feel less anxious about being the new kid at school.

New Girl Multiple Choice Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions - New Girl In School

 Tara wonders why all middle schools seemed to be named after...

New Girl Short Answer Worksheet

Short Answer Questions - New Girl In School

Describe the attitude of the lady at the front desk. Is she friendly? Compare the attitude of Ms. Orsini to the attitude of the lady at the front desk.

Souvenir Reading Worksheet

Souvenir Shoes Reading Passage

My family spent the summer traveling through Europe and I bought the most awesome shoes ever while we were in Germany. I only had two hundred dollars to spend on souvenirs and so far, I had avoided buying cheesy t-shirts in England, Eiffel Tower key chains in France, and a stuffed cow in Switzerland.

Souvenir Multiple Choice Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions - Souvenir Shoes

Where does Janna go on vacation with her family? Why does Janna know nobody else will have her shoes?

Souvenir Short Answer Worksheet

Short Answer Questions - Souvenir Shoes

A student is excited about the new and unique shoes that she believes will make her more popular.

Bus Rider Reading Worksheet

New Bus Rider Reading Passage

After a nearly sleepless night, Harry’s alarm woke him at 7:30 am. He slapped the off button, stretched, rubbed his eyes, and rolled out of bed.

Bus Rider Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions - New Bus Rider

Why is Harry nervous about the first day of school? Where did Harry live when he was in elementary school?

Bus Rider Question Worksheet

Short Answer Questions - New Bus Rider

Harry has moved to a new state over the summer and is nervous about riding the school bus for the first time.

Pencil Adventure Reading Worksheet

Pencil Adventure Reading Passage

Today was the first day of 5th grade. It had been a great summer playing with my friends, having sleepovers, going camping, eating sushi for the first time. But soon it was time to go back to school. I had been going to Lawson Elementary since Kindergarten.

Pencil Question Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions - Pencil Adventure

How does she find her old favorite pencil? Why does she recognize it as her pencil?

Pencil Question Worksheet

Short Answer Questions - Pencil Adventure

A student finds her old favorite pencil that she thought was lost. Where had it gone?

Very Cool Reading Worksheet

Very Cool Reading Passage

It is my first day of high school. I get on the bus and an older boy calls out to me. "Hey James, I saved you a seat here in the back!" So far, so good. I sit in the back with all of the senior boys and they tell me that they've chosen me to be their favorite freshman.

Very Cool Question Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions - Very Cool

What is the first cool thing that happens to James? Why do the seniors want to help James?

Short Answer Worksheet

Short Answer Questions - Very Cool

James thinks he's getting the star treatment at high school.... but it's just a dream.

Tasks Checklist

Update, confirm and share information

Parents Back To School Checklist - These tasks will ensure your child’s records are accurate, contact and health information is current and that you have means to communicate with the school district.

Supplies Checklist

Stock up on School Supplies and Clothes

Parents Back To School Checklist - Most teachers will require specific supplies that will need replenishing throughout the year, so purchase the basics first and stock up on extras. Consider buying clothes for upcoming seasons or in larger sizes so you’re prepared as the year progresses.

Prepare Checklist

Prepare your Home

Parents Back To School Checklist - like a teacher preparing their classroom, you can prepare your home to support your child's education by cleaning out the clutter, making a space for homework and planning ahead. This increases independence in children and makes the day go smoother.

Parent Checklist

Prepare your child

Parents Back To School Checklist - all children should have the necessary supplies, but should also have emotional, physical and mental preparation for the new school year. Take time to answer questions, discuss possibilities of the new school year, set goals and alleviate any childhood worries. Keep these conversations ongoing throughout the year.

Routine Checklist

Prepare yourself

Parents Back To School Checklist - like your child, you’ll also experience a change in routine, working with new professionals, and additional responsibilities as they relate to your child's education, so taking the time to prepare yourself is key to a successful start. Confirming logistics, such as child care and transportation is as important as establishing a new routine for yourself.

Before School Checklist

1-3 days before school

Parents Back To School Checklist - the mix of anticipation and excitement can make the days before school feel special, which is the perfect time to pull all your planning and organizing together and troubleshoot for any problems. Completing these tasks will instill confidence and security amidst many changes, and ensure you haven’t overlooked anything.

Additional Task Checklist

Additional Tasks

Parents Back To School Checklist - while not required, completing these tasks will make the upcoming school year easier to manage and less stressful. Include your child in the planning process, as this builds autonomy, communication and organizational skills beneficial to children of all ages.

Special Education Checklist

Special Education

Parents Back To School Checklist - many children receive supports and services while attending school. Parents of children with special needs have additional responsibilities directly related to their child's education. Completing these tasks will help ensure your child receives necessary support, communication is ongoing and goals are mastered.

Teacher Checklist #1

Getting acquainted with your students

Teacher's Back To School Checklist - understanding your students will allow you to better prepare everything from seating arrangements to assignments and activities. Completing these tasks early will you all you ample time to plan, contact parents and modify things if necessary.

Teacher Checklist #2

Prepare your classroom

Teacher's Back To School Checklist - an unorganized or under prepared classroom will create chaos and stress for both you and your students. To help everyone settle in quickly and familiarize themselves adequately complete these tasks as early as possible.

Special Education Worksheet

Special Education Considerations

Many students receive additional supports and services per 504 and Individualized Educational Plans. Teaching and accommodating these students will require modifications, so planning and collaborating in advance is critical.

Miscellaneous Worksheet


While varied in nature, these tasks are fundamental to a successful year. Take advantage of technology, maximize support easily and work more effectively then ever.

Back to School Tips for Teachers

Going back to school can be as exciting and nerve-racking for teachers as it is for students. Summer break offers everyone a chance to freshen up and prepare before a new school year.

Veteran teachers often do not have to make changes in their teaching methods and curriculum, but young and first-year teachers often look for new approaches to improve their teaching methods and tackle the coming year.

We have compiled a few back-to-school tips to make the transition to school easier for teachers after a long summer break.

Past Reflections

Teaching is a continuous learning experience. Most of this learning happens in the initial weeks of joining as a teacher. It is essential to reflect on the past and look for newer and better ideas and methodologies to enhance your students’ learning experience.

Your experience is your greatest tool and will let you know if a new teaching method will work in a particular classroom setting. Let your good and bad experiences help you create and tweak your approach to starting the new school year.

Starting Anew

Start the year with a fresh pair of eyes and ears. Perceived notions about students can do the worst damage to the student-teacher dynamic. You may hear about how a particular student or class behaved in the past but don’t let your judgment be clouded by hearsay.

Personality conflicts are not uncommon, so always stop yourself from making judgments before getting into a situation yourself.

Go All In

You must have heard and experienced that a teacher’s job doesn’t start at 8 A.M. and end at 3 P.M. Classroom management, lesson planning, and bulletin board décor take a lot of time. Preparation for the new year starts way before the first day of school.

It is always good to develop an outline for the lessons planned for the first few weeks and post it online on the school’s website or blog or email it to parents to keep them in the loop.

Ensure the earlier lessons are interactive, encouraging active participation and communication between students. Knowing your students’ names on the first day of school is an excellent way to wow them and earn their respect.

Planning for school events such as field trips and fundraisers in advance will save you time later. Planning for lessons will come in handy if you have to be available in an emergency.


You must start the school year with full control over your classroom organization so you can focus on academics for the rest of the time. Label your notebooks, folders, bins, supply closet, and other organizational systems. Digital organization includes creating and labeling folders on your computer, developing lesson plans and resources for individual units, and creating worksheets to be given as homework. Additionally, you can set up student accounts on Google Classroom or any other website or app you plan on using throughout the year.

Stay Connected With Parents

In addition to sending them emails about what happens in class, a great way to earn the trust of your students’ parents is to have a one-on-one meeting with them. Fostering positive relationships with the parents is an integral step, and investing time and effort to get to know them will make it easier to tackle your students’ academic or behavior issues.

Last Thoughts

Introduce the students to your expectations, goals, and teaching methods from the first day. However, remember that as prepared as you may be, you might run into situations that involve thinking on your feet and adjusting the goals for a particular student or a class.

Be prepared to have an open mind and make adjustments for the betterment of your students throughout the school year.

What Supplies Do You Need When You Go Back to School?

The most crucial thing students need for school is an active and refreshed mind. But alongside an active mind, students need some essential supplies for their classrooms too. Most parents search aisle through the aisle, exploring what their children might need or what they might not.

Most schools prepare the school supply list to spare parents the struggle of figuring out the right supplies for their children. However, these lists may not be the final list; parents may add or remove some of the supplies that they might deem as necessary or unnecessary. The school administrators ask the teachers about what children most need. Considering teachers' suggestions, school administrators prepare a list of must-have school supplies.

The list includes all the basic items that children might need throughout the new school year. As the curriculums and lesson plans get updates, these supple lists my also get updated over the vacations.

Organizational Supply: Pocket Folder per subject, Binder Dividers

Stationery: Loose Leaf Blank and ruled papers, Graph paper

Writing Supplies: Pack of pencils, Erasers, Ruler, Highlighters, Reinforcements

Subject Supplies: Pencil Crayons, Math Kit