Celebrate the special love and care from Mom with these Mothers' Day themed activity worksheets.

What is Mother's Day? -We celebrate this date every year, but do we know what the day is really about? Let's take a look! It is a celebration to honor mothers around the globe. Just like we have other dates specially marked for honoring fathers and grandparents, one of the most important dates around the year is this date. The traditions of celebrating this holiday began in the United States in the early 1900s. It is a special day specified to mark the importance of mothers and their influence in society. It is a date to celebrate the bonds children with their mothers and motherhood itself. Here are some facts you didn't know about Mother's Day! The first-ever observance was celebrated by Anna Jarvis in 1908. She honored her mother, Ann Jarvis, with a memorial. Ann Jarvis had established a committee for reuniting families after the Civil War. But she passed away before Mother's Day became a holiday.It is the third most popular holiday after Christmas and Easter. On Mother's Day, about a quarter of the entire world's flowers are bought. The first thing that a baby can vocalize is the word "ma." So, in the majority of the languages, the word mother begins with the letter "m." There isn't a specific calendar date for Mother's Day. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May. Aren't these fun!

These free worksheets contain a number of different activities using a dedicated set of vocabulary words related to the Mothers' Day celebration, including word search, fill in the blanks, scrambled words, word wall flash cards, acrostic poems, crossword puzzles, and more. The collection also includes six different packs of Bingo cards, which can be used during discussions of the topics. Last but not least, a KWHL (know, what, how, learn) diagram is included to help students pick a topic to explore in more depth. Mom always works so hard, it's only right that we take some time to recognize this. At last look, Mother's Day accounted for one-quarter of all the floral purchases annually. Just over 150 million phones calls are made on this event. Also fourteen billion dollars changes hands over the week leading to Mom's Day.

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History of Mother's Day Passage

The earliest known celebrations were festivals in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele, held by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

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History Questions

The first American Mother's Day celebration was held in May 1908 at a Methodist church in Grafton, West Virginia.

The Creators

The first Mother's Day was such a great success that Jarvis became determined to see it added to the national calendar. She started a grassroots letter-writing campaign to contact newspapers and prominent politicians, arguing that women were under-represented in American holidays, and urging them to declare a special day to honor motherhood.

The People

Match each person's name to their contribution to Mthis holiday.

My Mother

Something nice I can do for my mother is:

Word Scramble

Words up in arms.

My Mother

Writing all about her for the reader.

Paragraphs Abound

How we clear each rep up.


. It is celebrated every year on the second Sunday in May.

This Card Cares

A special card for your mother.

Word Ladder Worksheet

What can you give your mom this Mother's Day?

Color Everything

Color the pronouns blue. Color the articles green. Color the adjectives yellow. Color the verbs orange. Color the nouns red. Color the adverbs brown.

Acrostic Poem

Write an acrostic poem about your mother. Then draw a picture to go along with it.

Write a Haiku

Brainstorm ideas that remind you of your mother.

Word Ladder

A bit of letters for you to work with.


A holiday in England that was a precursor to Mother's Day as we know it. It took place on the 4th Sunday of Lent

Sonnets are Full of Love

Sonnets are full of love, and this my tome Has many sonnets: so here now shall be One sonnet more, a love sonnet, from me To her whose heart is my heart's quiet home.

Sonnet Questions

A lodestar is a star that is used to guide the course of a ship. Why do you think that Rossetti used this imagery to describe her mother?

Word Search

Vocabulary words include: Cuddle, Birth, Snuggle, Family, Devote, Caring, Protect, Daughter, Baby, Nurture, Grandmother, Brunch

Visual Crossword

This is a very emotional puzzle.

Alphabetic Order

You can add extra credit for reverse alphabetizing the words.

Spelling Activity

All words are missing at least two letters. Go get it.

Visual Subtraction

The seals have a little love for you.

Visual Subtraction

Even bears have lots of love for their moms.

Word Chop

The middle tiles are the hardest to work with on this worksheet.

Word Scramble

The largest word is the hardest to work with.

Maze Worksheet

Help Mom find her slippers.


Find the words that aren't near that Free Space first.


birth hug memory cook family

Bingo Card # 3

son baby laugh share caring

Bingo Card #4

love daughter Free Space protect kiss

Bingo Card #5

children mother brunch help devote

Bingo Card #6

grandmother nurture cuddle warmth bake

Family Poem

The nuclear family unit isn't what it was 30 years ago.

Grandma Poem

She has a lot of Mother's Days, so you need to make it a little more special for her.

Mother Poem

What does Mom mean to you?


Do we all know this celebration is all about?

Word Wall

Thirteen pages to print and set up on your classroom walls.