It's been another successful year of learning and fun! These worksheets focus on end of school activities and situations.

Things You Should Do at The End of a School Year - Spending time together is an integral part of your high school or elementary school. The kids in your school are precious and worthy of knowing all the right time to celebrate their special moments. If this is the last year of your school, then it might as well be the time to spill secrets about the things you should do at the end of a school year. To celebrate your last year, make sure you follow the list mentioned below: - Make a top ten list of to-do things before you finally leave your school. Curate the list while keeping in mind that it allows better learning with a lot of fun. - Take your old t-shirts and make sure that you get them signed by all your friends, teachers, principal, and everyone who played a part in your learning or was there to support you. - Make a diary and record all the special moments of your last year. When you'll do it every day, you will have a journal full of beautiful moments on the last day. - Make thankyou notes and place/stick them secretly on the stations of your friends and teachers. This will also bring a smile on their faces. - Decorate your school and take a lot of snaps every day.

The following collection of worksheets contains a number of short reading passages detailing fun, strange, or cool events that take place in and around all of the end of school activities. Two separate answer sheets are associated with each passage. One is a multiple choice worksheet and the other is a short-answer worksheet. Instructors may choose to use either or both question sheets (answer keys are provided for all). This section has many unique checklists that students and parents can use as part of their end of school wrap up activities.

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Before & After Reading Passage

An excerpt: "One of the big changes I've seen since the beginning of the year is my confidence. At the beginning of the year, I was afraid to talk to anyone. My middle school has students from three different elementary schools, so there were lots of new people."

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Multiple Choice Questions - Before & After

What did Mrs. Dunford do on the first day of school that was scary to the narrator? What type of writing does the narrator like to do?

Short Answer Questions - Before & After

What types of changes has the narrator noticed in her physical appearance? Have you ever had a teacher like Mrs. Dunford? Why was he/she similar?

I Love My Family Vacation

There are exactly four days and eight hours before we leave for our family vacation to the beach? Why do I know this? I've been counting down ever since we left the beach last summer! My family has the best vacation ever.

Multiple Choice Questions - I Love My Family Vacation

Why is it hard for the narrator to convince her cousins to swim? What is the narrator's favorite thing to do in the morning?

Short Answer Questions - I Love My Family Vacation

What are a few reasons why the narrator loves her beach vacation? What types of activities does the narrator do with her cousins?

Locker Cleanout

I was a bit worried about a strange smell coming from my locker. My best friend Calypso said that something died in there, it smelled so bad. She always held her nose when I opened my locker to pull out books between classes.

Multiple Choice Questions - Locker Cleanout

What is the first thing AnnMarie does during locker cleanout? Why does Calypso want AnnMarie to clean her locker?

Short Answer Questions - Locker Cleanout

Who is the neater and cleaner of the girls - AnnMarie or Calypso? How can you tell? Describe what the hallway looks like during locker cleanout. What is there?

Looking Forward To Our Future

My best friends and I are graduating middle school tonight and we're really excited. Brian, Matt, Harry, James and I have been friends since Kindergarten. In fact, we have our own secret club.

Multiple Choice Questions - Looking Forward To Our Future

Which friend is being separated from the group and why? What activity do best friends Harry and James enjoy?

Short Answer Questions - Looking Forward To Our Future

When will James and Harry be able to see each other when they are in high school? How often will the boys see each other in high school?

My Mom's Yearbook

Mom put my yearbook on her lap, held my face between her soft hands and kissed my forehead. "Calm down, sweetie. I know you’re excited about your yearbook. How about this? We’ll trade. That red book is my middle school yearbook. You read mine and I’ll read yours. Okay?"

Multiple Choice Questions - My Mom's Yearbook

How would you describe the narrator at the beginning of the story? What does the narrator notice about the activities that Mom did? Why does the mother cry at the end?

Short Answer Questions - My Mom's Yearbook

How would you describe the narrator at the beginning of the story? Why do you think the mother wanted to show the narrator her old yearbook? Why do you think the narrator wanted to show off their yearbook?

The Not-So-Big Test

The 8th graders at Madison Middle School have a very big final exam at the end of Mr. Hall’s world history class. The results of the test would determine who would be accepted into the Advanced Placement Human Geography class next year at Lawson High School. Not all of Mr. Hall’s students wanted to take the AP class, but they still wanted to do well on the test.

Multiple Choice Questions - The Not-So-Big Test

Why did the students groan when the bell rang during the sample test? What activity did Mr. Hall do to help the students review the material?

Short Answer Questions - The Not-So-Big Test

What reason does a student who doesn't want to take AP Human Geography have to do well on the final exam? Why do you think Mr. Hall chose to do Trivia Bowl to review all the history material?

My Brother the Slob

This has really been a weird summer. Our family has done all sorts of great things - we've been to two theme parks, the beach, Grandpa's house in the mountains, and we've been shopping almost every week.

Multiple Choice Questions - My Brother the Slob

Why has the narrator's family gone on so many trips this summer? What did the narrator learn about doing laundry in college?

Short Answer Questions - My Brother the Slob

Why do you think the family went on lots of trips the summer before Brian left for college? What solution does the narrator have for Brian's messiness and laundry problems?

Summer Camp Blues

Derek was always the last student to leave the band room. It was his favorite place and since this was the last day of class, he lingered longer than usual. He packed his alto saxophone carefully into its case. As he snapped the last latch closed, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

Multiple Choice Questions - Summer Camp Blues

How many other students from Derek's school were chosen to go to the camp? How did Mr. Boxwell and Ms. Graham meet?

Short Answer Questions - Summer Camp Blues

Why do you think Derek is always the last student to leave the band room? Do you think Derek feels better about going to camp after hearing Mr. Boxwell's story? Why or why not?

Summer Decisions

Josh sits at his desk in his bedroom and looks out the window at the Spring rainstorm. He was supposed to go on a bike ride today with his friend Tasha, but they had to postpone it for better weather.

Multiple Choice Questions - Summer Decisions

What is wrong with all the ideas Josh wrote for things to do this summer? What does Josh decide he wants to raise money to buy?

Short Answer Questions - Summer Decisions

What other things do you think Josh writes about in his GREAT IDEAS notebook? What has Josh decided to do since he is stuck inside on a rainy day?

Yearbook Time Machine

Eighth grade has really been the best year ever. I'm flipping through my yearbook and it is like a trip in a time machine. High school is going to be great, but I'm not sure if it can top the fun that James, Harry, Matt, Brian, and I had during our last year at James Madison Middle.

Multiple Choice Questions - Yearbook Time Machine

Where did the 8th grade band students get to go? Where is the narrator seeing the pictures that remind him of 8th grade?

Short Answer Questions - Yearbook Time Machine

Why is a yearbook like a time machine? Why does the narrator love the memory of his first time playing at a football game?

Update, confirm and share information

Parents End of School Checklist -Obtain child’s schedule and teacher for next year, Update summer contact information with district

Handling School Supplies and Work

These tasks will help you stay organized, prepared and clutter free.

Plan for transitions

Parents End of School Year Checklist - summer vacation means a change in schedules and routine. Planning in advance will make summer more enjoyable and less chaotic. These simple tasks will keep you on track.


Parents End of School Year Checklist - many of the tasks parents must complete cannot be easily categorized as they run the gamut from returning books to applying for summer camp. This is also time to plan for upcoming changes and wrap up any lose ends with school.

Special Education

Parents End of School Year Checklist - many children receiving special education services attend school and therapy throughout the year. All children should continue to learn over the summer and accomplishing these tasks will ensure learning and development takes place even over vacation. They also help ensure a smooth transition.

Preparing Student Records for Next Year

Teachers End of School Checklist - an integral and time consuming responsibility is ensuring all student records are accurate, compiled and submitted for next year. You can begin these tasks in the weeks or months prior to school ending. Remember to include your students whenever possible.

Prepare your classroom

Teachers End of School Year Checklist - the end of the year requires tearing down and preparing your classroom for the next teacher. Some of these tasks build upon each other, while others lend themselves to classroom activities easy to implement in the last weeks of school.

Special Education

Parents End of School Year Checklist - many children receive supports and services while attending school. Parents of children with special needs have additional responsibilities directly related to their child's education. Completing these tasks will help ensure your child receives necessary support, communication is ongoing and goals are mastered.

Special Education Considerations

Teachers End of School Year Checklist - many students receive additional supports and services per 504 and Individualized Educational Plans and preparation is essential for a successful transition into the next year. These tasks will prepare the student, staff and caregivers for the upcoming changes.


Teachers End of School Year Checklist - while varied in nature, these tasks are fundamental to a successful year. Take advantage of technology, maximize support easily and work more effectively then ever.