Celebrate the family with these worksheets exploring topics related to Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day.

The following collection of worksheets contains a number of short reading passages covering topics associated with all things family. Two separate answer sheets are associated with each passage. One is a multiple choice worksheet and the other is a short-answer worksheet. Instructors may choose to use either or both question sheets (answer keys are provided for all). Your students will enjoy commemorating the special days honoring every parent! Parents Day is observed on the 4th Sunday in the month of July. This is where we observe the contribution of both Mom and Dad. This holiday is also observed, on different dates, in South Korea and the Philippines.

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Mother's Day Reading Worksheet

The History of Mother's Day

The United States got its start in 1872 when Julia Ward Howe, writer of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, promoted the idea of a Mother's Peace Day as a protest to war.

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History Multiple Choice Worksheet

History Multiple Choice Questions

Why was Mother's Day originally proposed in the United States?

History Short Answer Worksheet

History Short Answer Questions

Pretend you are Anna M. Jarvis. Write a letter to President Woodrow Wilson convincing him to make Mother's Day a National Holiday. Make sure to give at least three strong reasons.

Father's Day Reading Worksheet

The History of Father's Day - Reading Passage

The very first Father's Day card was carved into a clay tablet over 4,000 years ago by a young Babylonian boy named Elmusu.

Dad History Multiple Choice  Worksheet

Dad History Multiple Choice Questions

Answer a series of questions regarding the history of this day.

Dads Short Answer Worksheet

Dad's History - Short Answer Questions

Not everybody believed Father's Day should be an official holiday. Write an editorial to the newspaper explaining why you believe Father's Day should or should not be made an official holiday

Special Reading Worksheet

Making Mother's Day Special Reading Passage

One of the special things about mothers is that they always seem to love whatever you get them. Gifts are like cards, store bought ones are appreciated, but handmade cards and gifts will be cherished forever.

Mom Multiple Choice Worksheet

Special Mom Multiple Choice Questions

What is the most important thing to remember about choosing a gift?

Economy Worksheet

Short Answer Questions

Besides being a special holiday for mother’s it is also an important day for the economy. Do some research and write a report about the amount of money made on cards and gifts on Mother's Day.

Special Dad Worksheet

Making Fathers Special

Spend the entire day doing whatever you dad likes to do best. If he likes sports watch a game with him. Go fishing if that is his favorite pastime.

Fathers Multiple Choice Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions

Use the context clues to figure out what the word embark means.

Fathers Short Answer Worksheet

Short Answer Questions

Make a coupon book for dad. Take two pieces of notebook paper and fold them into fourths. Cut them out, and staple them together. Make a cover and then create coupons your father can redeem whenever he would like.

Mother's Day Facts Worksheet

Strange but True Mother's Day Facts Reading Passage

Have you ever wondered how old the oldest woman to give birth was or which mother had the most children?

Odds Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions

What are the odds of having three children born on the same date?

Odds Short Answer Worksheet

Short Answer Questions

Omkari of India was 70 years old when her twins were born and her husband was 77. Make a T-chart and compare and contrast the positive things about being an older parent and the negative things about being an older parent.

Fathers Facts Worksheet

Strange but True Father’s Day Facts

While George Washington is considered the, "Father of Our Country" he was not the first leader to have this honor bestowed on him. In 2 BC, The Roman Empire gave the Emperor Augustus the title Pater Patriae.

Idea Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions

Where was Senora Smart Dodd when she came up with the idea for Mother's Day?

Gift Design Worksheet

Short Answer Questions

Design a gift that would be the perfect father's day present. Be creative. You may draw a picture and label it or you may write a paragraph to describe it.

Cost of Kids Worksheet

How much does it Cost to Raise a Child?

A study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that the average family spends over $200,000 to raise a child from infancy to adulthood.

Cost Question Worksheet

Cost of Kids - Multiple Choice Questions

What does the word intervals mean? The study is broken into 3 year of them all together. What does that mean about the study?

Cost Questions Worksheet

Kids Costs - Short Answer Questions

Were you surprised by how much it costs to raise a child? Did it cost more or less than you expected?

Look Alike Reading Worksheet

Why Do Some Children Look Mostly Like One Parent - Reading Passage

When you look at most parents you can see features from both of their parents. Occasionally you meet a child that seems to be made in the exact image of one of their parents and almost nothing like other.

Look Alike Multiple Choice Worksheet

Look Mostly Like One Parent - Multiple Choice Questions

If a child has a dominant gene for dark hair and a recessive gene for light hair what color will the child's hair be?

Looks Short Answer Worksheet

Look Mostly Like One Parent - Short Answer Questions

Choose a partner. Make a Venn Diagram like the one below to compare and contrast your features. If you have traits that are the same write them in the middle.

Culture Reading Worksheet

How Does the American Family Differ From Families Across the World? Reading Passage

Families all over the world share important characteristics like love, loyalty, as well family traditions, but every culture has unique characteristics.

American Family Worksheet

American Family - Multiple Choice Questions

Why don't children in other countries have as much free time as American children?

Family Short Answer Worksheet

American Family Short Answer Questions

Even within in the United states we have a lot of differences. Make up a list of questions and interview a friend about their family life.

Technology Reading Worksheet

How has Technology Changed the American Family? Passage

Technology has changed the face of the American family significantly over the last 100 years. Modern technology has drastically improved communications.

Technology Questions Worksheet

Technology - Multiple Choice Questions

What does the word obsolete mean? The news is already obsolete by the time you receive it.

Technology Short Worksheet

Technology - Short Answer Questions

What form of technology do you think has had the most important impact on our world? Why?

What is Parents Day?

A celebration for parents and their sacrifices around the globe is known as Parents Day. Just like we have days specially marked for honoring fathers and grandparents, one of the most important days around the year is Parents Day.

This holiday is different from Mother's Day as well as Father's Day. The celebration is widely held in South Korea and the United States of America. In South Korea, it is observed on May 8th, while in the USA, it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July.

This holiday is dedicated to appreciating all parents across the globe for their commitment towards their children and all the sacrifices and struggles they had to face for their children. People all over the world celebrate this event by giving gifts to their parents or taking them out for dinner as a gesture of love.

Why We Celebrate Parents Day

From the day partners find out they're about to become parents to the day their child is born, they spend every waking moment eager for their arrival. They battle with the fear of not being great parents to their children; they work hard and fight with the world to create a special place for their baby and hope for their child to be strong and comfortable.

Then, once the child is born, the parenting journey truly begins. Responsible parents spend their days working and their nights caring for their children, with nothing but the hope that their children will grow up to be healthy, happy adults.

Many parents around the world fight against their own families to earn acceptance for their children. Many are faced with their child's illness and find themselves praying for improvement. Several parents even lose their partners and are forced to journey into the world of parenthood alone. Single parents work twice as hard to be both a father and mother to their child, so their baby never feels incomplete.

Parents Day is a chance to celebrate your parents and remind them that you are grateful for their sacrifices, effort, and care. There are several reasons why we focus on this one holiday that should continue to be celebrated worldwide; let's take a look at them.

Promoting Responsible Parenting

It's essential to promote the culture of responsible parenting, which consists of parents who fulfill their child's basic needs and wants while providing them with care and attention. Responsible parenting includes expressing love towards your child, guiding them to become their best selves, and providing them with the tools to establish a secure future, such as education. As a responsible parent, it is your duty to ensure that your child feels safe and happy in your presence. Parents Day allows you to promote responsible parenting and encourage parents to provide care and love to their children.

Recognition of Parental Efforts

Parents spend time and energy ensuring that their child feels fulfilled. Parents Day gives you a chance to recognize their efforts. When parents feel that they are seen and appreciated, it gives them the strength to overcome their personal problems and appreciate themselves for making sacrifices, compromising on their own needs, and being there for their children around the clock. Parents are individuals too, and learning that they did a great job with their child's upbringing helps them indulge in self-love and improves their self-esteem.

Tribute to Parental Role Models

There are so many heroes in history who wouldn't have helped and saved the lives of others if their parents hadn't encouraged them to be good people. Parents Day is a tribute to parental role models who have shaped you into the person you are today.

Reminding New Parents They Are Not Alone

Parenthood can be frightening, most of the time, you don't know what you're doing, but you try your best every single time. For most new parents, it's difficult to get accustomed to their new lives and overcome parenting problems that they have no idea how to solve. Parents Day reminds new parents that several other parents are in the same position as them, trying to do what's best for their children. It enables them to feel less alone and empowers them to feel fulfilled.

Celebrating Parenthood

Parenthood is a wonderful experience; it changes your life. The purpose behind celebrating isn't simply to thank your parents for their effort but also for your parents to look back on their journey as a parent and celebrate themselves for being strong, resilient, and nurturing.

Expressing Gratitude

Your parents put in extensive time and effort to help you grow and become the best version of yourself. Parent's Day gifts you with the opportunity to thank your parents and remind them that you know they tried their best and you appreciate them for being great parents. Expressing gratitude will not only make your parents happier but will grant you satisfaction as well.