Explore the origins of this African celebration with these Kwanzaa themed activity worksheets.

These worksheets contain a number of different activities using a dedicated set of vocabulary words related to the Kwanzaa celebration, including word search, fill in the blanks, scrambled words, word wall flash cards, acrostic poems, crossword puzzles, and more. The collection also includes six different packs of Bingo cards, which can be used during discussions of the topics. Last but not least, a KWHL (know, what, how, learn) diagram is included to help students pick a topic to explore in more depth.

Note for instructors: If you have no place for these in your regular curriculum, these worksheets make great project seeds, independent essay topics, or extra credit assignments.

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Print Kwanzaa Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and associated answer key.

Word Search

Includes the vocabulary: Africa, Banquet, Celebration, Collective, Cooperative, Creativity, Family, Harvest, Hope, Principles, Purpose, Reverence

Word Scrambler

You'll never guess the word that trips up the kids, the most often, it's "Creativity".

Missing Letters

We are focusing it at removing 2 letters. A new version coming soon will feature very few letters.

Word Chop

I would recommend working on this sheet before the spelling worksheets, it makes it easier to remember.

Crossword Puzzle

This worksheet works off of pictures that are present on the page for students.

Alphabetic Order

This is usually the way to kick off the unit. It allows students to become familiar with the words, but not stress about them.

Bingo Card #1

Africa purpose hope December reverence

Bingo Card #2

creativity family cooperative harvest candles

Bingo Card #3

collective culture Free Space principles determined

Bingo Card #4

Vocabulary includes: heritage Kwanzaa banquet dancing faith

Bingo Card #5

music celebration drum commemoration singing

Bingo Card Finisher

The last one in the series.


This is usually a tough. Not many people have even heard of the holiday in many parts of the country.

Word Wall

Print the up and post them on your board or wall.

Africa Poem

The holiday was created in the mid-1960s by Maulana Karenga.

Family Poem

As with most holidays, family should be the focus of the holiday.

Kwanzaa Poem

The last worksheets in this unit. Make it count!