Celebrate everyone's favorite candy-filled holiday with these Halloween themed activity worksheets.

What is Halloween? We celebrate Halloween every year, but do you know what the holiday is all about? Let' find out! A holiday that is celebrated on the 31st of October every year is known as Halloween. The traditions originated along with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. On the day of Samhain, people come out dressed in costumes to ward off ghosts and would light bonfires. Pope Gregory III in the 18th century designated November 1st as a time to honor all saints. Eventually, traditions of the Samhain were incorporated in All Saints Day. The evening before the day was known as All Hallows Eve. As days passed, it became Halloween. Gradually, Halloween became a day with activities, especially children, where they trick or treat. One of the most important traditions that evolved was carving the jack-o-lanterns, dressing up in costumes, and eating treats. Religiously, people light candles on the graves of the dead.

These worksheets contain a number of different activities using a dedicated set of vocabulary words related to the Halloween celebration, including word search, fill in the blanks, scrambled words, word wall flash cards, acrostic poems, crossword puzzles, and more. The collection also includes six different packs of Bingo cards as well as decorated writing paper. Last but not least, a KWHL (know, what, how, learn) diagram is included to help students pick a topic to explore in more depth. You will find a ton of reading worksheets here complete with question sheets and even answer keys. Halloween is celebrated on October 31st in the United States. It is one of the very few holidays that if you search for it, a movie will appear for half of the result. Yes, Micheal Meyers haunts Google too!

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Black cats, pumpkins, bobbing for apples, and wearing costumes are all part of Halloween celebrations. Of course, there are scary things too like ghosts, goblins, witches and skeletons. It's interesting to find out why we as Americans do these things, especially now in the days of advanced technology.

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Multiple Choice Questions

Many Irish people immigrated to the U.S. when crops failed, namely which one?

Pumpkins Short Answer Questions

Where did the customs we celebrate today originate? Explain the New Years Eve celebration of the Celts. How did the Romans influence the Celtic celebration of New Years Eve?

Why Do We Wear Costumes?

Kids like to dress in a costume for Halloween, especially the latest action adventure hero or princess. In your grandparent's time the favorite costumes were cowboys, pirates and witches. Costumes for kids are a modern tradition that dates back just to the 1950s when trick or treat became popular.

Why Do We Wear Costumes? Multiple Choice Questions

Wearing Halloween costumes is an American tradition. How long does the Mexican festival called Days of the Dead last?

Why Do We Wear Costumes? Short Answer Questions

People wear a mask or costume to a masquerade ball. Do some research and describe what a masquerade ball is. Do some research on the Mexican festival called Days of the Dead. Write a short report on the traditions associated with this festival.

Trick or Treat

Every culture has its festivals and holidays and people in that culture have rituals that are associated with these special events. Holidays and rituals are an important part of life and it's interesting to understand where some of these customs come from.

Trick or Treat Multiple Choice Questions

Only one U.S. holiday is more popular than Halloween. Who goes out to relatives and neighbors for trick or treat?

Trick or Treat Short Answer Questions

Describe the trick or treat ritual – what happens during trick or treat? Sugar and other basics like meat and gasoline were in short supply during World War II. These things were rationed. Do some research about rationing during the war and explain what rationing meant.

History of the Jack O' Lantern

I think the classic Jack O' Lantern is easy to describe. Do you? Take a minute to draw a picture of a Jack O' Lantern. Now describe it in words. Did you say that Jack O' Lantern is a carved pumpkin?

History of the Jack O' Lantern Short Answer Questions

What shape are the eyes of a traditional Jack O' Lantern? According to the legend, when he died, Stingy Jack did what?

History of the Jack O' Lantern Multiple Choice Questions

The Celtic people made carved a beet or turnip and placed a light inside at Halloween. Describe what turnips and beets look like and how they grow.

The History of Halloween

The traditions surrounding the celebration came from Irish immigrants who flocked to America during the Great Potato famine in the late 1800s. It originates from ancient Celtic festival that occurred on November 1, the start of the Celtic New Year.

The History - Multiple Choice Questions

The traditions surrounding Halloween came to the U.S. through immigrants from where?

The History - Short Answer Questions

In the United States we use a phrase "dead of winter." Is this phrase related to the festival of the dead that the Celts celebrated on October 31, the night before the first day of winter?

Halloween's Historic Superstitions

Do you know what a superstition is? A superstition is something people believe even though there may not be evidence to support the idea; it may not be reasonable; and it is not a religious belief.

Halloween's Historic Superstitions Multiple Choice Questions

Many of the Halloween superstitions had to do with young women and who?

Halloween's Historic Superstitions Short Answer Questions

Have you ever bobbed for apples? If you have, was explain why it was or wasn’t fun. If you haven’t, explain why you would or would not like to try bobbing for apples.

Historic Haunts

Do you believe in ghosts and apparitions? Even if you don’t, there are some famous people who do, claiming to have seen ghostly apparitions for themselves even in the White House. One of the historic ghost tales is about Abraham Lincoln.

Historic Haunts Multiple Choice Questions

Which president foretold his assassination because of a dream? Which president haunts the Rose Bedroom in the White house?

Historic Haunts Short Answer Questions

Why do you think that there were many sightings of Lincoln's ghost during Franklin Roosevelt's presidency? If you don’t have an idea why, look up what happened during Franklin Roosevelt's presidency.

Halloween around the World

The Halloween holiday and how we celebrate it today originally came from Irish immigrants who came to America to escape starvation during the Great Potato famine that occurred in Ireland in the late 1800s.

Halloween around the World Multiple Choice Questions

In the United States what is the holiday more popular than Halloween? The Lantern Festival of what country is similar to Halloween in the United States?

Halloween around the World Short Answer Questions

4. What kind of costumes do people in Mexico wear during the Days of the Dead festival? How is the Chinese Teng Chieh festival similar to the American celebration of Halloween?

We Do We Get Goosebumps When We're Scared?

It's a strange word, "goosebumps." Today lots of kids recognize the word Goosebumps as the title of a series of 62 short horror novels written for young people. That might be an appropriate name for the series because humans get goosebumps when they're scared.

We Do We Get Goosebumps When We're Scared? Multiple Choice Questions

When a dog gets its hackles up, the fur stands up on the dog's. Which muscles in the human body control goosebumps?

We Do We Get Goosebumps When We're Scared? Short Answer Questions

The word goosebumps is like a simile. Goosebumps is a short form of the simile, "When we are scared or cold, human skin looks like the bumps on goose skin." Have a class discussion and think of other words that are a short form of a simile.

How To Be Safe on Halloween

Parents, teachers and other adults are always telling kids to be careful and how to be safe. Sometimes kids just tune out these warnings that adults seem to talk about all the time. But safety warnings are really important because sometimes kids can get badly hurt when all they are doing is having some fun.

How To Be Safe on Halloween - Multiple Choice Questions

You design a nice Halloween costume. What part of your costume isn't safe?

How To Be Safe on Halloween Short Answer Questions

Why do you think that parents, teachers and other adults think that safety rules are so important? Describe your ideal Halloween costume. Explain why it is a safe costume to wear for trick or treat.

Visual Crossword

Ghost, skeleton, party, spider, witch, and monster.

Halloween Maze

Help the boy find the pumpkin patch.

Missing Letters

costume, doorbell, goblin, monster, potion, pumpkin, skeleton, vampire, werewolf, zombie

Mummy Paper

Writing paper that you can really get all wrapped up in.

Visual Addition

Addition of a whole bunch of hot cauldrons.

Pumpkin Subtraction

Visually and numerically subtract the pumpkins.

Word Chopper

See if you can make a series of words just by using these twelve words.

Word Scramble

Unravel all those words right now.

Word Wall

Let's word all that out.


Do you know much about Halloween?

Alphabetic Order

Start with a numbered letter system. That always helps.

Bingo Card #1

spider treat zombie magic vampire

Bingo Card #2

sugar haunt pumpkin costume werewolf

Bingo Card #3

mummy genie Free Space skeleton monster

Bingo Card #4

trick potion spooky ghost spell

Bingo Card #5

ghoul goblin witch carve scary

Bingo Card #6

We finish it off with number six in the series.

Halloween Poem

Candy is hard to fit in here. You can just make it all names of candy.

Monster Poem

That is a seriously happy monster. Isn't he?

Pumpkin Poem

The last in our acrostic poem series.