Helpful graphic organizers for compiling information of preliminary research phases.

These organizers are always a great way to start an investigation. A great introduction to the process of scientific inquiry. We spread these out into a wide variety of shapes and objects. In journalism they often say every story needs to explain, at least, four of these traits to be affective to any degree to the reader. I would say that this should get you started on your way.

We offer a number of unique shapes and patterns that kids will enjoy! We here often from Science and Current Events teachers that these graphic organizers are very helpful with their day to day routines. Scroll down to see everything that we offer.

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Printable Who, What, When, Where, Why Charts

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Circle Chart

There is plenty of space to work with here. Make sure to turn your background printing on to get everything going.

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Flower Shape

A little beauty never hurts. This has a bit of a spring theme to it for you.

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Linked Rounded Rectangles

This also doubles as a timeline or staged story map. It really helps you mark out a stellar path to improve yourself.


This is used all the time in science settings.

Rounded Rectangles

Super helpful for narrowing down ideas from a central topic and sound central theme.

Star Shape

If you have a lot to say about the theme, I would you this version.

Wagon Wheel

This is really cool to use if you are working on a topic that involves transportation.