Your students will learn how to construct well-written reports and articles using these templates for paragraph writing.

The base foundation for a good report is three paragraphs, each with a separate (yet related) idea, and each of those ideas having two or three supporting details. These worksheets will help your students in constructing each of those paragraphs by providing space to build each component before putting them all together. You can use these sheets for book reports, essays, persuasive writing, current event studies, journalism classes, reporting on science experiments, and more. Tip: These pages can also be used to teach students how to deconstruct articles and essays by identifying central themes and ideas.

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Printable Paragraph Writing Organizers

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2 Details Chart

2 Details Paragraph Format

A simple sheet of three paragraphs with opening and closing statements and two details.

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3 Details Chart

3 Detail Paragraph Format

The same format as the sheet above, but with three details per paragraph.

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4 Details Chart

4 Details Paragraph Format

The same format as the sheet above, but with four details per paragraph.

5 Details Chart

5 Details Paragraph Format

The same format as the sheet above, but with five details per paragraph.

6 Details Chart

6 Details Paragraph Format

The same format as the sheet above, but with six details per paragraph.

Cheeseburger Format

Cheeseburger Paragraph Format

A fun format to use for building individual paragraphs, with space for opening, closing, and three details.

What is Cheeseburger Paragraph?

Write essays or stories that influence readers and inspire them to read more of your content. It is imperative to use proper grammar, punctuation, and a fluent structure. How an essay is compiled depends on its paragraphs and the themes they follow.

Paragraphs are the critical feature of a text. A comprehendible piece of writing can only provide the true meaning or the main idea. How do you structure a paragraph, then?

Writers who are constantly critiqued about their work as incomprehensible should try using the cheeseburger paragraph. In this blog, we will discuss a cheeseburger structure with an example. So what is a cheeseburger, and what are its ingredients?

Components of the Burger "aka" Paragraph

Top Bun

It is the topic sentence that introduces the topic of a paragraph. The points included in it will be about this, and the main idea is also provided here. Like a top bun, the topic sentence holds all the information that will be told in detail later on.

Ketchup and Cheese Layer

Ketchup or any sauce layer works as a transition sentence and connects the bun to the patty. Similarly, a transition sentence acts as the connector between the topic sentence and additional sentences in the paragraph.


The main crux of the burger on which the major part of the quality of a burger depends. In a paragraph, these sentences are known as additional details. These are usually 3 to 4 sentences whose summarized version is present in the topic sentence. These could be the reasons that needed explanation to a claim in a topic sentence or general observations.

Tomatoes and Lettuce

The tomatoes and lettuce are the extras; they are not as essential. However, by adding them, the taste of the burger alleviates. They are giving it the much-needed extra crunch. In a paragraph, such sentences which act as a supporting role to the details are not required. The meaning of the passage will be complete, but these sentences modify the ideas in detail by giving facts or opinions or a consensus on a topic.

Down Bun

As the down piece holds all the burger components and gives it a close look, a closing or concluding statement similarly works to give a summarized version of the paragraph. You must be wondering if this is the same as the topic sentence. Yes, it is; however, it is in rephrased form, just like the similarity between top and down bun. It is there and repeated to emphasize the points made in the paragraph.

Example of A Cheeseburger Paragraph

Dany is a good brother. -Topic sentence

He is always there for his younger siblings. -Transition sentence

He is a good brother because he helps them with their homework. -First additional reason

He takes them to the park every evening and plays with them too. -Another reason/additional detail

When his parents are not at home, he cooks for them and takes care of them. -A fact to support the claim in the topic sentence

He is always polite and calm while his siblings throw tantrums and deals with the situation with a sense of maturity. -Additional observation

It is a blessing for his family that Danny has become caring and loving towards his siblings and has chosen to become a good brother. -Concluding sentence

Here is simple quick visual of this:

Thumbnail Visual Burger Format