Solve that problem or answer that question by using these blank decision making charts.

Whether you are planning a business venture, choosing a career path, or just trying to figure out what to have for lunch, you make dozens of decisions each day. These blank charts will help you organize your thoughts about whatever is weighing on your mind by providing spaces for listing pros and cons, breaking it down into separate steps, brainstorming, determining possible outcomes, and more. Choose the chart that best fits your purpose.

Everyone arrives at their decisions by different means, so we offer several different formats. One of them is sure to work for you.

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Printable Organizers For Decision Making

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2 Option Decision Making Chart

For simple, binary questions. Start with the question, list the two possible choices, and evaluate each.

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Decision Tree- 2 Options

Start with a premise, then list the steps along two different paths to arrive at a conclusion.

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Decision Tree- 3 Options

When things start getting a little trickier, use this chart to list pros and cons of each option.

Brainstorming Chart

Identify a problem or question, then let the ideas flow freely! You'll find an answer.

4 Option Decision Making Chart

Easily break down complicated options by using this template to keep track of all of the pros and cons.

Decision Tree- 4 Options

An excellent chart for brainstorming multiple choices stemming from a single premise or question.