Whether you are reading or writing stories, these graphic organizers will keep you on track.

These story map graphic organizers are great to use for creative writing projects, book reports, critiques, and more! Offering a variety of formats, from simple to complex, these templates allow readers and writers to list characters, conflicts, action scenes, plots, ideas, and other story mechanics. These sheets can help beginning readers learn how stories are constructed, and advanced readers will learn how to critically assess literature. Writers will find them handy for listing important details and story beats.

These templates aren't just for the classroom. They would also be great for use by local book clubs, summer reading programs, and other community literacy endeavors.

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Printable Story Maps

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3-Part Story Clock

Young readers can list significant events at the beginning, middle, and end of their stories.

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4-Part Story Clock

Similar to the sheet above, but adds space to list specific problems and their resolutions within the story.

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5-Part Story Clock

In addition to listing the problems and resolutions, readers can document the climax of the story.

6-Part Story Clock

This template allows for more detailed listing of the action scenes within a story.

Standard Story Map

A good template for preparing book reports, with spaces to list characters and conflicts.

Beginning, Middle, and End Map

Similar to the 3-Part Story Clock above, but in a different format.

Beginning, Middle, and End Extended

Has spaces for the beginning, middle, and end of the story, and extensions for more detailed notes.

Building Story Map

A good template for beginning writers to get the details of their story figured out.

Double Story Map

Two sets of story maps are good for comparing books in similar genres, by the same author, or contrasting different books.

Full Story Map

A good chart for listing specific action scenes and problem resolution.

Hexagon Story Map

Lists basic story beats, but also includes space for listing the moral of the story, as well as similar stories.

Main Idea Organizer

This chart allows for listing up to six ideas for a story, as well as space for scenes or other aspects.

Plot Diagram

A simple chart that allows readers to diagram action scenes and problem resolution.

Worm Story Map

Beginning readers will enjoy using this cute map to list details of their favorite stories.

Worm Story Map 2

Similar to the above page, but more general in the details about the story.