These blank templates are perfect for tracing cause and effect or charting decision outcomes.

Start from a root cause, argument, position, character, etc., and trace all of the relationships, examples, and potential results that stem from it using these tree diagram graphic organizers. These blank templates are offered in multiple configurations, so no matter how simple or complex the relationships you are charting, you are sure to find one that fits your needs. These are similar to the Relationship Chain templates, but offer space for multiple outcomes rather than a strict 1-to-1 succession.

Note: These charts make excellent companion sheets when used in conjunction with the Decision Making, Cause and Effect, or Cycle sheets located elsewhere on this site.

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Printable Tree Diagram Graphic Organizers

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Tree Diagram- 1 Branch

This template begins with one central subject, and offers two outcomes.

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Tree Diagram- 2 Branches

This template begins with one central subject, and offers two results, each with two more results.

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Tree Diagram- 3 Branches

This sheet begins with a core subject, with two products, each with two more results, each with two more outcomes.

Tree Diagram- 6 Branches

Start with a central premise, and work through the relationships for an ending total of 12 possible outcomes.