Discover central factors, establish root causes, or begin with a fundamental premise with these blank relationship templates.

Similar to the Relationship Chain Graphic Organizers elsewhere on this site, these blank templates allow you to display the relationships among specified variables with a given root source. Whereas the Relationship Chains excel at showing progressive, A to B to C relationships, the Flower Shaped Graphic Organizers can demonstrate connections among multiple variables-A to B, A to C, and A to E-at the same time. This is especially useful in showing multiple effects from a root cause.

Note: These charts make excellent companion sheets when used in conjunction with the Decision Making sheets or the Cause and Effect sheets located elsewhere on this site.

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Printable Flower Shaped Graphic Organizers

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4 Petal Relation Map

A good sheet to use when building arguments with multiple supporting premises.

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5 Petal Relation Map

This sheet has five outer petals for larger projects or more complicated data sets.

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6 Petal Relation Map

Six petals surround a central core idea, cause, or character. Chart the relationships among many variables.

7 Petal Relation Map

This sheet has seven petals around a central space to note relationships in bigger sets of data.

8 Petal Relation Map

Use the eight petals surrounding the center space to keep track of multiple variables, effects, or characteristics.