Use these templates to quickly establish relationships among the variables within specified data sets.

Use these blank Spider Story Graphic Organizers to chart relationships, track variables, figure out causes and effects, reach decisions, weigh options, and more. Whether you are documenting logic flows, trying to figure out the root cause of many effects, comparing and contrasting courses of action, or just generally trying to keep associations straight in your head, you'll find these handy charts indispensible. These templates are available in different sizes to better meet your data needs.

Note: These charts make excellent companion sheets when used in conjunction with the Decision Making, Cause and Effect, or Cycle sheets located elsewhere on this site.

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Printable Spider Story Graphic Organizers

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2 Arm Spider Graphic Organizer

Relationship Spider 2 Arms

Each "leg" of the spider in this template has two blanks for entering specific characteristics, examples, etc.

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3 Arm Spider Graphic Organizer Worksheet

Spider 3 Arms

Each "leg" of the spider in this template has three blanks for entering specific characteristics, examples, etc.

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Big Arms Spider Graphic Organizer

Spidey As Many Arms Would Fit

Each "leg" of the spider in this template has four blanks for entering specific characteristics, examples, etc.

Why Do Kids Love Bugs?

Children are naturally excited to discover the world because they haven’t seen every part of it yet. Unlike adults, kids aren’t bored of the simple pleasures of life as they can feel the magic in the dullest occurrences. While you may have seen a number of beautiful, colorful flowers in your life, a child may depict far more excitement in discovering a pretty flower, simply because they are seeing it for the first time.

The newness children feel towards the world allows them to fully experience everything that may seem ordinary to us in a different, special light. Similarly, you may find bugs interesting at best, but kids love bugs as they are alien creatures that not only look attractive but create satisfying buzzing sounds as they fly around the garden. To a child, a pretty bug is nothing short of a magical creature that they might not be allowed to touch but love observing.

They are Often Tiny

One of the reasons why kids adore bugs is because there are fewer creatures that are smaller than them, and the size of most bugs doesn’t intimidate children. They feel safe with bugs because of their meager size, which also makes them more accessible and easier to capture. Children love running after, hunting, and capturing creatures, like kittens or puppies chasing after mice. They aren’t afraid to touch or observe the bug, which makes it an ally and not something that scares them away.

Bugs Incite Curiosity

Children are curious, and bugs are exciting because they are different from other animals. There are so many diverse kinds of bugs in various textures and picturesque colors that interest kids. Especially if your child isn’t allowed to touch bugs, they’re likely to be more curious about them because children have rebellious natures with an attitude that pushes them to discover new things and learn why they aren’t permitted to interact with them. Plus, bugs are often found in gardens or near flowers and plantations, which already excite children, so children associate the surroundings they find these bugs in with how they feel towards them.

Some are Beautiful

When children exit the womb and enter the real world, their senses are heightened; these include sight, smell, touch, and hearing. Bugs look far more beautiful to kids because they envision them differently, various colors are enhanced, and certain textures are ticklish, like the coat on a bug or its tiny hair and limbs. The heightened sensations children experience make everything more appealing to them, like bugs. There’s no denying that bugs are wonderful to look at, so imagine how interesting children find them as individuals viewing them for the first time.

Different Kinds of Pretty Bugs You Can Share With Your Kids

1. Cotton Harlequin Bug
2. Jewel Caterpillar
3. Christmas Beetle
4. Blue Morpho Butterfly
5. Lady Bug
6. Peacock Spider
7. Pink katydid
8. Madagascan Sunset Moth
9. Devil’s Flower Mantis
10. Venezuelan Poodle Moth
11. Glasswing Butterfly
12. Orchid Mantis
13. Picasso Bug
14. Spiny Flower Mantis
15. Fireflies

How They Can Help You Teach Children about the World

As mentioned above, bugs are extremely interesting to kids, which makes them an easy tool that parents can use to teach their kids about the world. Bugs can play a crucial part in your child’s learning if they find them appealing. For instance, you can teach your kid the names of different bugs and colors and how to spell them. Your child will depict more enthusiasm towards learning if you’re using tools that create curiosity within them, like bugs.