Use these templates to quickly establish relationships among the variables within specified data sets.

Use these blank Relationship Chain Graphic Organizers to chart relationships, track variables, figure out causes and effects, reach decisions, weigh options, and more. Whether you are documenting logic flows, trying to figure out the root cause of many effects, comparing and contrasting courses of action, or just generally trying to keep associations straight in your head, you'll find these handy charts indispensible. These templates are available in different sizes to better meet your data needs.

Note: These charts make excellent companion sheets when used in conjunction with the Decision Making, Cause and Effect, or Cycle sheets located elsewhere on this site.

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Printable Relationship Chains

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2 Link Chain Diagram

This sheet is good for charting simple cause and effect relationships, or deriving straightforward consequences.

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3 Link Chain Diagram

Use this sheet for diagramming simple arguments or data sets, or short if/then logic chains.

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4 Link Chain Diagram

Four blank spaces for use with more robust arguments or more complicated relationships.

5 Link Chain Diagram

Five spaces for tracking the relationships between larger data sets, such as public opinion surveys.

6 Link Chain Diagram

Six available spaces for working with multiple variables, sources, or sets, such as a national Census.