These are great worksheets for helping students get to know one another better and practice language skills.

Students love to talk about themselves, sometimes a little too much. This is a great way to encourage students to use their language skills. In addition to that it helps students learn to interact and learn about one another in a class setting. A common theme that teachers start very early (preschool and kindergarten) is teaching a unit entitled All About Me. We provide them with printables that encourage expression of self. We have children draw their family and discuss their favorite things in the world. It is often helpful to have students vocalize their thoughts as a way to output their own thoughts.

Why We Should Encourage Young Students to Tell Us About Their Lives - Every year we feel like we got a new chance to make things right and pursue our dreams. We think that we are once again blessed with a fresh start and a chance to do better than the previous year. No doubt, it is true! But as we progress in life, we don't always get what we want. We all want to teach our kids about the importance of life and build their strong moral foundations. And for that, it's pretty essential that we encourage young students to tell us about their lives. Many of us go through difficult and dark phases in life, that can take a toll on their physical and mental health. Young students keep the deepest darkest secrets in their hearts and continue with our lives like nothing ever affected them. This can become a reason for many physical and mental diseases. They may lose their focus and end up hurting themselves. This is why it is important for young students to share their life experiences with, if not all, then a few whom they trust. This ridiculously awesome selection of worksheets also insights students to share a good deal of themselves towards the process of expressions. This is a huge step forward towards complete mastery of language for students. Students just need to focus on themselves which should be pretty easy for them to do at any given time. We encourage an belonged brainstorming session prior to having them tackle this selection of sheets.

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Printable All About Me Worksheets

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My Favorites

What are your favorite activities, movies, stories, and school subjects?

A Little About Me

What's you name? How old are you? What words describe you best?

My Self Portrait

How do you see yourself?

More of My Favorite Things

We get to know you a little better with these.

Me and My Family

Tell us about your family members and draw a picture of them.

The People in My Life

The people I don't live with but who mean a lot to me are ____________.

Me and My Family

Some ways that I help and support the people in my family are.

My Life

Some things I am really happy about in my life right now are ____________. Some things I would like to change in my life right now are ____________.

Things that Make Me Feel...

Fill in each of the boxes.

My Strengths and Challenges

Things I need to do to work on my challenges are ________________.

Things I Like

Tell us all about the things you favor.

The Future Me

Tell us what we should expect for you down the road in some time.

Visual Me

A really nice set of questions for you to ponder.

Make Your Mark

Trace around your hand and write about yourself.

My Connections

We are connected to many people in our lives. Who are you connected to? Add more arms if needed.