A Series of Bookmarks For You to Print and Go Along With Your Reading Worksheets.

Do you like reading? Aren't you amazed by how you can get so lost in a paper that contains words! There are various reasons why people read. Some people read it because it's a hobby, some people read because they love books. Some people read because it's a habit, and for some people, books is an escape! Reading is a really good habit. Not only is it a good way to pass the time, but it also helps in making the brain sharp and increases vocabulary. But when you are reading, the most annoying part is when someone calls you and you have to shut your book for a while. And when you get back to it, you forget what place you were on. Gosh! So how do you remember where you were? Well! Use bookmarks! Bookmarks are an indication that can be placed between the pages of books that help you to remember which page you were on. Do you know that the first-ever bookmark was created in 6th century A.D., made of leather! There are different kinds of bookmarks. From paper to cars, metal and ribbons, colorful and black and white, bookmarks are of so many kinds!

Throughout history bookmarks have had a very powerful impact on how we read and remember what we read. The first books ever printed were seriously valuable. You didn't want to earmark the pages in those works. Thus the creation of what today is known as a bookmark. Interesting Fact: In early America you would find more advertising on bookmarks than in most popular magazines. If you scroll down, you will see all of our bookmarks. They are colorful and come three to a page. You will need some scissors for this job. We cover most holidays and have a few encouraging sayings available.

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Printable Bookmarks

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Happy 100th Day of School

Most states requiring between 175 and 180 days of school each year. This makes the 100th day a great time to celebrate the mid-year.

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Christmas Bookmark

Great for those cold December months. This little boy just got his gifts.

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Dive into a book

Here is some encouraging words to get students fired up about reading. The picture looks like it may end in a belly flop.

Make friends with a book

This friendly and happy bear really puts the strong touches on reading. This one will really give you hand (let that one sink; as you look at the 15 picture.

Halloween Bookmark

The old October fright fest that usually ends in a well deserved sugar coma-like state that we overcome from sheer exhaustion of walking to 100s of local homes.

Hanukkah Bookmark

The eight-day festival of lights that celebrates the Jewish led Maccabean Revolt. This is in a silhouette mode for quality visuals.

Happy New Year

Did you have a resolution that had some legs to it? The only one that I have ever kept is to buy a lottery ticket every time it's over 100 million. Stay waiting for my pay day.

Reading is cool!

I'm so cool I need shades to read with these colorful bookmarks. A singer, a puppy with a bow tie, and a poolside duck.

See the World

A really cool visual with that image of seeing the world. Reading can surely take you places in life and in your imagination.


The student is obviously reading about the first Thanksgiving. The feast that once was meant to celebrate a stellar harvest has advanced over the years.