File Folder Games – Fun matching games that can be mounted in individual file folders for student use.

Challenge your students with these varied matching games. They’ll develop different skills as they are asked to match shapes, colors, words, opposites, patterns, faces, associated objects, names, pictures, and mathematical formulas. Each game set can be placed in folders or envelopes for individual use at a table or work station, or mounted on a bulletin board for team play. We recommend that each piece be laminated so they will last longer.

Each game set comes complete with instructions for the students and all pages of matching cards, so be sure to print all of them.

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Printable File Folder Games Categories

Click the buttons to see all that is available for each file folder game category.

Color Matching

Students will match cards of colored objects, and/or colors to their correct names.

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Color Patterns

Students will match patterns of colors and objects.

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Students will match pictures of objects to the correct number card.


Students will match opposites, animal pictures and names, associated objects, and more.


Students will match color and shape patterns.

Addition (Math)

Students will match cards with simple addition problems to the card with correct sum.