Self Esteem is often seen as a key factor towards professional success by most executives.

Psychologists use the term self esteem to sum up a person's internal overall self-worth. It is a gauge of how much we value and appreciate our selves. This core measure plays a huge factor towards our level of motivation and success. People with lower levels of self esteem will often be intimidated and under the notion that they have zero chance of success, so why even make an attempt. Self esteem has its roots in genetics. Many times, family members will present with near values of self. High levels of self esteem are exhibited by people who have a sense of confidence and a positive outlook.

It is very difficult to teach or instill a sense of self respect to others, but there are many things adults can do to promote positive self esteem in children. This starts by encouraging children to learn about the environment around them. The more information we understand, they less doubt we have about things. Adults should learn to consistently praise children when they do something significant. Over praise can be harmful, but when the timing is right it can really help build kids up. Above all being a reliable and consistent role model for children is above all the most important. This series of worksheets will help students learn how to reflect on their own contribution and how to help them form habits that will help them raise their level of respect for their own being. We encourage students to consider what makes them unique and worthwhile by looking at their lives and how it would be different without them. The key goal is to help students to feel a sense of self value and maintain this over an extended period of time. The sheets help arm students to improve themselves and their sense of personal mental health. If you have a high sense of self worth your esteem follows suit we help students identify exercises and activities that will help them improve this for themselves.

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Printable Self Esteem Worksheets

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Gratitude Journal

Over the next several days, take the time to write down things that you are thankful for.

Your Coat of Arms

During medieval times, a coat of arms was a design on a knight's shield indicating who they were. In modern times, some countries and corporations have adopted a coat of arms as a way to express their identities. A coat of arms contains symbols that represent who a person is and what they have accomplished.

Self Esteem and How it Changes

What are some of the things that are affecting your self esteem right now?

I am...

Something people compliment me on is.

What Is Your Identity?

Your identity is who are what you are. Many things go into a person's identity: your age, gender, cultural background and nationality; your interests, education, and job; your family, your religion, etc.


Breaking a bad habit, starting a new habit, learning a new skill, getting organized, or generally making any positive changes in your life can improve your self-esteem.


Write about a time that you decided you needed to make a major change in your life.

Personality Types

What place does this kind of person have in the world? Why is what they do needed in the world? Why is it important?

Confidence Worksheet

What can you do in the future that will help you to have additional experiences of confidence?

Strengths and Challenges

What kind of things do you think you need to do in order to overcome your challenges?

Who Are You?

Complete each statement to describe yourself.

My Positive Qualities

Complete the log below to keep track of the positive qualities you show each day. Try to think of at least three positive qualities for each day.

Checking in With Myself

What are some things I have accomplished?

Think Positive!

Make a list of your positive qualities. For each quality, write down an example of how you demonstrate that quality.

Things I Do Well

For each category, write down as many positive things that you can think of that describe you or that you do well.