Respect is hard to define, but easy to understand when someone is not showing it.

Respect is having some form of regard for another person's feelings and wishes. As we get older the definition skews a bite towards admiration for another person based on their talents or accomplishments. Respect and what it really means differs a bit for each individual. Our personal experiences make us have varying levels and extremes for it. We first must learn to respect ourselves before we can begin to do the same for others. The concept of respect is hard to point out, but it is easy to point out when someone is being disrespectful. It is something that seems impossible to teach children. One of the best ways to project the concept of respect to youngsters is to consistently model that behavior for them. Always remember that you cannot teach it to anyone by being disrespectful to them. If a child is being disrespectful it best to remain calm and exert patients as much as possible. This also results in a calming affect and helps you stay in control of the situation. When needed use ultra-kind, but firm discipline to teach.

These worksheets will help students explore situations that they will experience on a daily basis. Students will need to make a judgement call on the equity of the scenario. Is everyone being treated well or is there a sense of disrespect or lack of oversight in decision making on the part of one of the parties involved? They will be given exposure to a wide range of circumstances that will have mixed consequences. This will also help students learn how to infer the expected outcome based on how people are treated. We will begin with simple identification activities and then progress on wards to writing full descriptions of the situational outcomes that students will foresee as a result. I find it easy to project a sense of mutual respect if you set up class rules that everyone, including teachers must follow.

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Printable Respect Worksheets

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Respect or Not?

Read each scenario. Is the person being considerate? Explain.

Treating Others with Respect

To treat others with well means to treat them with honor and dignity. Respecting others is one of the ways that you maintain good relationships.

Respect Bingo

Think about the different ways you have shown consideration for others this week. Complete the bingo card. You must provide evidence for each square you mark complete.

Acrostic Poem

Write an acrostic poem about respect. For each initial capital letter, write a line (words, phrase, sentence) relating to the concept that begins with that letter.

Persuasive Writing Prompt

Write a short essay about why and to whom students should show respect in school.

Self Respect Assessment

Self-respect is a feeling pride and confidence. It means believing that you are behaving with honor and dignity. There are many ways to demonstrate this towards others.

How Can You Show Respect For...

Plot out all of the scenarios.

Respect Checklist

Put a check mark next to each behavior that is a way to show respect.

Showing Respect

There are many ways to show thoughtfulness to someone. You can demonstrate it by acknowledging people when they speak to you and by looking people in the eye. What you say and how you say it matters; and by what you do and how you do it.

Thinking about Others

What are some ways that you can show respect to the people in your life and in your community?


Great leadership creates an atmosphere of respect that goes both ways; people respect a great leader because they feel that they receive the same consideration.

Theme: Respect

In what ways and by whom were you treated well shown in the story?

Do You Recognize Respect When You See It?

Read each scenario. Is the person being thoughtful of others? Match each scenario with the correct answer.

Helping Others Build Self-Respect

A person with self-respect feels good about themselves. They act according to their values and they take care of themselves. Because it’s not always easy for everyone to recognize their own positive qualities, this group activity allows everyone to contribute to everyone else’s self-respect by identifying positive qualities for them.

When I Belong

It can be hard to feel like you fit in and belong when you are different from everyone else. Think about a time that you felt like you didn't belong. Where were you?