Generally speaking, we look for students to be able to begin using scissors by the age of three.

Why We Should Encourage Students to Do Cut and Paste Activities? You might want to say 'no' to all the messy activities for your child, but all these creative activities that look messy are packed with skills for your child to grasp. Whether it's painting, crafting, drawing, cutting or pasting, all kids love to be creative when they are given a chance to be their creative self. Developing love in their heart to be creative will only add to creativity. When it comes to activities such as painting, drawing, cutting and pasting, they hone the motor skills of the children and allow them to make use of their brain more often. Not only this, if your kid aspires to be a writer, creative activities such as cutting and pasting can help with that also. They allow children to understand the concept of cutting according to the shape of the drawing and putting it in its right place by pasting. If parents and teachers encourage students to cut and paste, the likelihood of children having fine motor skills will increase.

Cut and paste activities often involve craft projects that require students to use scissors and glue. It is generally safe to begin using scissors and glue with prekindergarten students. Obviously, you should not use sharp scissors to any extent with children at the younger ages. It is often helpful to have students begin by cutting out different geometric shapes and matching them to the names of the shapes. This can be done with these worksheets below our you could also create your own. You can have students practice cutting letters and words out of magazines and newspapers. Each type of shape that you come across to cut out requires different skills that help develop your fine motor skills. Cutting out straight lines require an attention to detail to start and end where you left off of. Cutting out circles is often a difficult and challenging activity for students. As students improve their skills, they can graduate to cutting shapes with wild angles like hearts and objects. Students can use glue sticks or glue squeeze bottles to use paste. They even refer to the proper glue to use as School Glue. Below you will find a wide range of printable activities that require students to cut things out and paste them on another piece of paper.

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Printable Cut and Paste Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Shape Cuts

Students should cut and paste the shapes onto the corresponding outlines.

Fish Counts

Students should paste the numbers into the correct sequence.

Drum Sets

Cut and paste to fill in the missing numbers.

All the Bells

Cut and paste to fill in the missing letters. What letter is missing?

Count | Cut | Paste

Match the numbers to the correct number in each group.

Cute Animals

Match the picture to the word with the missing first letter. Fill in the letter on the line. Then color the picture.

What Goes With...

Cut and paste objects where they belong.

Get it Straight

Students should cut and paste the shapes onto the corresponding outlines.

Begins with...

Cut and paste so all the objects in each row begin with the same letter.

Count | Cut | Paste

Match the numbers in each group to items in each set.

Buildings on the Map

Cut and paste the buildings onto the map next to the people.

Count the Fruit. Cut and Paste.

How many of each fruit is present?

Glue It

Get these shapes in the right spot.

Picture Match

What goes together? Cut. Paste. Match the pictures.

Fill in the Missing Numbers

Which missing number star are you seeing here?