If you have to be out of the class for the day, make sure your sub has the right tools.

Teachers constantly feel as if they cannot ever take a personal or even a sick day because of the work that is required to prepare your substitute teacher for your students. You would rather just suffer through your illness and take extra days, if not weeks to fully recover. When rash or sporadic events require us to take a day off, being forced to take the day off usually causes us a greater level of anxiety and stress than the actual event. This is where a beautifully written lesson plan for a substitute teacher can change everything. What if all of these things were available at your fingertips whenever you needed them. Guess what?

The following links lead to collections of different worksheets that can be left for a substitute teacher if you have to be out of the classroom for a day or more. Each set contains grade appropriate activities and exercises based on common standards for that grade level, including subjects such as math, science, art, chemistry, geography, history, etc. Clicking on the “Get Worksheet” button will display each activity within that grade level, each with its own description. These are worksheets that reinforce common skills for all grade levels. They do not require much, if any background knowledge. So, if you need to take that first day of school off, feel free. We hope that this section really helps reduce your stress levels. We routinely get at least one thank you email for this section every week. We are glad that it helps. Tip: If you end up not needing these worksheets, you can always use them as extra credit assignments, pop quizzes, or more.

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Our Substitute Lessons Are Organized By Grade Level.

Click the buttons to see all that is available for each grade.


Mazes, shapes, simple math, letters and words, connect the dot puzzles, and more. This lesson series tries to off as many independent activities possible for this level, but they may need some help with the directions.

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Grade 1

The skills that are focused on here will be the foundation of skills for the entire school year. Numbers, skip counting, coloring, words and letters, reading comprehension, matching pictures and words, etc.

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Grade 2

Reading comprehension, skip counting, simple addition, telling time, scrambled words, word search puzzles, and more.

Grade 3

Crossword puzzles, word searches, perimeter calculation, spelling practice, place values, multiplication tables, and more.

Grade 4

Journal writing, cryptogram puzzles, division problems, grammar exercises, addition with decimals, multiplication tables, etc. Students could probably use some discussion time here before they write.

Grade 5

Puzzles, mazes, grammar, Sudoku, making shapes, context, analogies, integers, pre-algebra, spelling, adjectives, rounding, and more.

Grade 6

Measuring angles, homonyms, long division, Dr. Martin Luther King worksheet, area and perimeter, and more.

Grade 7

Linear equations, rhyming couplets, exponents, spelling, fractions, Venn diagrams, graphing, logic, algebra review, and more. At this level, I like to empower subs to ask the students to cooperate and peer grade their work.

Grade 8

Number blocks, reading comprehension, Cartesian graphs, calculating volume, journal writing, spelling, exponents, language, and more. We probably have enough available here for you to take a full week, if not more off.

Grade 9

Graphing equations, solving triangles, data tables, algebraic expressions, vocabulary, literature review, polynomials, the periodic table, etc.

Grade 10

Geometry, Cartesian grids, brain teasers, missing angles, mixed fraction operations, quadratic equation factoring, and more. It is a safe bet that your students are on task with this level of math, but please check the content based work.

Grade 11

Analytical reasoning, volume, perimeter, and area, Julius Caesar vocabulary, elements, quadratic equations, and more. Some background information will be needed for this section. We encourage you to look over things quickly before you assign it out to students.