Being flexible is one of the most underrated skills that are crucial to making the most out life.

Life skills is a collective term for the skills that are required to thrive in life. Based on your time period of your existence these skills change and are fluid. For example: Being able to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing environment is a great skill to have now, but prior to the Industrial Age change was not a huge factor. They also depend on where you reside geographically. For example: Driving a motor vehicle well is a skill that many rural communities value highly, but in urban areas being able to navigation a transit system holds much greater value. Life skills are often undervalued, but very necessary to be healthy and functional.

There is no predefined list of these life skills, as they are almost boundless. For the purpose of these worksheets we will key in on several general essential life skills that are widely accepted in the world today. Having good social skills is a key to take and share information in information. Having the ability to communicate well with others and establish a trust is another valuable social skill. This would include the ability to cooperate and compromise with others. Having the ability to take on your own initiative with the ability to step forward is a skill many hold in high regard. These worksheets will examine a wide range of life skills that will help students learn to thrive in the world today.

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Printable Life Skills Worksheets

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Think Positive!

List three positive things that have happened to you lately. Think of something positive that you would like to have come into your life within the next year. List three actions you can take to help make it happen.

Managing Stress - A Key Life Skill

Everyone has to deal with stress sometimes. You may experience stress at school, at home, or while you are out in the community. You can experience stress as anger, anxiety, pressure to do more, better, or faster, or fear. Learning to manage stress in a healthy and productive way is an important life skill. Different kinds of stress may require different.

Good Work Habits

Evaluate yourself in each of the following five work areas. What do you do well? Where can you improve? Strives for accuracy, neatness, organization, and continuous improvement.

Setting the Table

Circle the picture with the correct place setting. Draw a picture of a correct place setting on the placemat.

Dealing with Bullies

Bullies can be girls or boys. They can be big or small. A bully is anyone who tries to hurt you, intimidate you, or force you to do something. Bullies can attack their victims physically, verbally, and emotionally. A bystander is someone who witnesses bullying. The way that bystanders behave can have a big effect on whether or not a bullying situation continues and on how the person being bullied feels. The support of even bystander can make a big difference to someone who is being bullied. When bystanders speak up, kids who are being bullied feel less anxious and less depressed.

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

In the boxes below, describe how your goal is S.M.A.R.T. Revise your goal, if necessary, as you go along.

Create a Fire Safety Plan

If there is a fire in your home, GET OUT, STAY OUT, and CALL 9-1-1. 1. If closed doors or their handles are warm, find an alternate way out of the room. There may be fire on the other side of the door!

Greetings and Polite Conversation

Write an appropriate response to each sentence below. For example what you say to someone who said, "My name is Sarah. I just moved here."


Self-respect means treating yourself well, acting with honor and dignity, and taking good care of yourself. When you have self-respect, you feel good about yourself.

Thanks Yous

Think about something you would like to thank someone for. Use the template below to write them a thank you note.

First, Get Organized!

List the steps you will take to complete your project. If needed, continue your list on the back of this page. This is an essential life skill.

Taking Messages

Read the scripts. Then write each message on the pad.

Writing Notices

A notice is a sign that gives you information about an upcoming event or opportunity. Notices can also have headlines, photographs, or other artwork. Create a notice for one of the events below. Use your imagination to make your notice as interesting as you can.

Cardinal Directions

Study the map, then answer the questions. Refer to the compass.

Giving Directions

You are at the Game Shop. Someone asks you how to get to the Donut Shop.