Schools in the United States do not have a fixed start date. In general school starts in August or early September.

Everyone is nervous for the start of the school year. Students do not know what to expect as they are start a whole new chapter in their life especially if the move to a grade level also includes a move to a new school building. Teachers who may be teaching the same class or grad level for over a decade are nervous as well. They are curious as the nature of the new students and the dynamics between those students. The best way to power through your start to the new school year is keep consistent routines and be as organized as possible. When we organize ourselves for this time period forming routines that will easily transition to habits is the absolutely key. Students should share class routines with students that help them stay in positively motivated frame of mind. Every course and grade level will have different routines. Classroom rules should be developed cooperative between the students and the teacher. While there are some rules that should be set in stone, other rules can be reshaped between the students and the teacher to best fit the situation.

Three first day of school tips for teachers: 1) Welcome students as they walk in. 2) Do an ice breaker activity with your students. 3) Make sure to cover class routine and rules and stress that they apply to everyone. Three first day of school tips for students: 1) Get to bed on time. 2) Eat a good breakfast. 3) Be prepared with school supplies. Three first day of school tips for parents: 1) For younger children, visit the classroom before school starts. 2) Spend time talking with your child about their day. 3) Help your student stay organized and get into a study routine. Below you will find a ton of printables that can be used to help teachers quickly organize themselves and their students too. Just about all the templates you find here are tried true and tested. They will help you organize yourself and your students by creating a regular routine. The worksheets can also help your students to better understand your expectations as a teacher. When I tell you that these templates and worksheets are life savers for the start of the school year, you will not believe me at first. But I can guarantee these will come in mighty handy for sure.

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Print First Day of School Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet of the lesson.

Welcome Back Letter Template

Just pop in your information and you are good to go. On the first day of school you want to make sure to get this letter out to all your parents and have them sign this. I always make this equivalent to a homework grade, since that is what it is.

Student Supplies List

The following items are the supplies each student will need for this school year.

Be Part of the Class!

Dear Parents or Guardians: Participating in your child's education is an important factor in his or her success. Because of this, you are all encouraged to participate in activities that enhance the experiences of all children in the classroom.

Testing Schedule

We will be focusing our work to prepare for each of these tests. More information will be provided on each test as it approaches.

Student Absentee Note

Communicate with parents at home students being absent from your class.

Field Trip Permission Form

Let parents have the ability to consent to having their students attend field trips.

Teacher Bus Driver Name Tag

These will help students feel more at ease with you right away.

General Name Tags

Anyone can use these.

Object Labels

These can be used as labels for just about anything.

Getting to Know You!

Please complete this form and return it to your teacher.

Getting To Know You Worksheet: Student Interview

What is your favorite activity to do when you are not at school?

Your Autobiography

Imagine you are writing your autobiography. Write the section on what type of person you were in school.

Getting to Know You BINGO

A fun way to get to know your classmates. Has prefilled boxes and example is: Has read all Harry Potter Books

Conference Sign-Up

In order to attempt to meet the needs of every parent and guardian, it would be helpful to identify two days and times that would be most convenient for our getting together. Please identify two preferred times for your conference. I will then schedule the conferences and send a confirmation note.

Conference Reminder and Questionnaire

To assist me in preparing for our meeting, I have identified several issues I would like us to address. Please provide additional comments on points you would also like us to discuss. Please top portion of this sheet and keep the bottom as a reminder of the time of the conference.

Conference Follow Up

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me to discuss your child’s progress. The conference provides me a great opportunity to ensure the remainder of the year is a positive experience for your child. To ensure we are on the same page, I have identified the crucial points of our discussion.

Blank: Getting to Know You BINGO

The same as the past printable, but it is blank for teachers to add their own unique text.


The bingo card allows for complete freedom of thought.

Pencil Outline

A border writing paper that helps you theme a sign.

Ruler Writing Paper

Put a measurement theme on what your message is about.

Toy Theme Writing Paper

Help give a more playful theme to your message.

Dinosaur Back Paper

Puts a nice touch on your science based theme.

Star Burst Paper

Have a star themed message.

Book Back Paper

Spin a writing or reading theme with this border paper.

Bell Paper

Do not ring the bell with this paper.

Textbook Inventory List

Keep track of who has your books and how many you have left.

Student Book Numbers

Keep track of which student has which book.

Teacher Grading Policy

Grades for each marking period will be determined using the following scale.

Class Rules

A list of rules that teacher and students should work to agree upon.

To Do List

Check off each item as you complete it.

Weekly Schedule

This is a great way to map out your week as a teacher or student.


Imagine an animal that can double in number every hour. For example, if there are 5 one hour, the next hour there will be 10. If the box you are keeping these animals in box, and it will be full at 8:00 PM, when will it be half full?

Brainteaser Sheet Two

A person is learning to drive. He turns down a one­way street and is going the wrong direction. A policeman drives up but does not give the man a ticket. Why not?

Brainteaser Answers

Answers for the previous sheet.

First Day Back!

Take yourself back one week in time. Describe three major difference between that time and now.


Remember what page you left off on.

Sign In and Out

Keep track of where students are as they enter and exit your class at nonstandard times.

Emergency Contacts

Who are the two main contacts for each student?

Emergency Contacts Part 2

This is more for younger students it include information on the Daycare Provider and Physician Contact.

Emergency Phone List

Keep these phone numbers listed on your classroom walls.

Daily Journal Entry

The most interesting thing I learned today... Thing to remember...

All about Me

My 5 Favorite Things to Do and Words That Best Describe Me Best

Homework Log

Not all students need this tracked, but it helps all students.

Class Coupon!

Another take at a reward system for students.

Classroom Job Application

Have students apply for a job in your classroom.

Job Performance Review

This is a good way to keep students accountable for the jobs that they are assigned.

Student of the Week

A nice and helpful certificate.

Student of the Month

Who is your student of the month?

Citizenship Award

A nice way to honor the efforts of students.

Outstanding Performance Award

For those times that students go above and beyond.

Monthly Newsletter

Communicate with parents at home.

The Classroom Report

Another way to report what is going on in your classroom.

Name Tags

Very simple name tags.

Substitute Teacher Packet Page 1

A nice sign in and attendance sheet.

Substitute Teacher Packet Page 2- Behavior

This is the behavior section for any students that may act up when the teacher is away.

Substitute Teacher Packet Page 3- Schedule

A quick glance at the schedule of the teacher.

Substitute Teacher Packet Page 4- Substitute Record of Events

Document the class, accomplishments and difficulties that may have arisen.

Substitute Teacher Packet Page 5- Description of Class Routines

Beginning of day routine: How is attendance taken? When is it appropriate to allow a student to leave the room?