Teacher Labels – A place for everything, and everything in its place. Keep your classroom organized with these handy labels.

Help your students keep track of their daily schedules, find the restroom, get to lunch on time, know where the art supplies go, and more with these colorful classroom labels. Use them to designate folders, drawers, cabinets, bookshelf divisions…wherever you need them. Your students will enjoy the responsibility of taking out and putting away their own materials, and you will appreciate having a classroom that stays organized and clean so you can concentrate on teaching, not tidying. We all need to face the fact that teaching is a demanding and, at times, overwhelming series of endless tasks. Any level of order we can bring to this situation will help us reduce our daily anxiety and overall stress levels. There is chaos in every corner of a classroom when it opens up at the start of the school year. Labelling items around the room does not only help you, but your students and classroom visitors will reap the benefits as well. If you have a labelling system already, great! These classroom labels will only help you even further improve your room. If you do not have a good deal of labels around your room, there is no time better than the present. Once you have a good handle on it and you like the placement of your teacher labels, I would highly suggest laminating them all. Kids are messy, this will add a slight layer of protection for you.

Hopefully, the organization skills you teach your students will stick with them throughout the rest of their lives. It just makes things so much easier! There are three main categories that we have for teacher labels below. While it only looks like a few labels, we have roughly six hundred different choices for you. Make sure to take your time and look at the color versions and black and white. Pick which would work best for your situation. Not all scenarios are going to be the same and as the move classrooms or your kids make a mess, you may need to come back here several.

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Printable Classroom Label Categories

Click the buttons to see all that is available for each label category.

Labels with Pictures

These labels are all in color and have a picture associated with each word. This is helpful in many different situations, especially if you have a few weak readers. We would suggest printing and laminating these guys right away. Basic supplies, events, schedules, and objects, with handy cartoon visual cues.

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Basic Labels For Teachers

A little glue and scissors can really help you get these under control. These are labels of wide array of things that are not specific objects. Class subjects, schedules, supplies, locations, and more to help organize your classroom.

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Labels For Classroom Objects

These are great to keep you organized. I can remember twenty years ago when my cooperating student teaching mentor told me about labelling things like crayons. I thought it was unnecessary at the time. Boy was I wrong! You would be so surprised at the number of crayons that make their way back to where they are stored, when a label is present for that location. Art materials, tools, locations, and basic objects to help your students identify what goes where.