Teacher Labels – A place for everything, and everything in its place. Keep your classroom organized with these handy labels.

Help your students keep track of their daily schedules, find the restroom, get to lunch on time, know where the art supplies go, and more with these colorful classroom labels. Use them to designate folders, drawers, cabinets, bookshelf divisions…wherever you need them. Your students will enjoy the responsibility of taking out and putting away their own materials, and you will appreciate having a classroom that stays organized and clean so you can concentrate on teaching, not tidying.

Hopefully, the organization skills you teach your students will stick with them throughout the rest of their lives. It just makes things so much easier!

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Printable Label Categories

Click the buttons to see all that is available for each label category.

Labels with Pictures

Basic supplies, events, schedules, and objects, with handy cartoon visual cues.

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Basic Labels For Teachers

Class subjects, schedules, supplies, locations, and more to help organize your classroom.

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Labels For Classroom Objects

Art materials, tools, locations, and basic objects to help your students identify what goes where.