Fun layouts to help you organize your class newsletter!

Keep your students in the know by providing a class newsletter! Each of these pages contains a template to help you organize the information about class activities, important school meetings and/or schedule changes that are upcoming, homework assignments and projects, test dates, countdowns to vacations, and more! You can also use them to enhance whatever your students are currently studying by providing extra information about the topic.

If you distribute recognition awards in your class, use the newsletter to announce it. Kids love to see their names in the paper!

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Printable Classroom Teacher Newsletter

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Happy Class

This cute little smiling figure has five blocks for organizing your information.

4-Week Overview

Featuring two main blocks for information, plus a blank month to note important dates.

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Reversed Layout of 4-Weeks

Same as the prior calendar, but with the calendar and info blocks reversed.

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Rounded Rectangles

Five blocks of varying size to cleanly organize your information.

3-Column with Title Sections

To more easily layout information associated with various dates or subject headers.

Content Left Focused

Similar to the above template, but with the smaller column on the right.

Punchy Pages

Contains three spotlighted sections to make sure important information isn't overlooked.

Date Dragger

A good template to use when providing information about an event that happens on a specific date.

Colored Rectangles

A perfect template to use for organizing information by subject.

Portrait and Horizon

A good template for providing general information and specific instructions.