A lesson plan is a guide for the teacher to follow over the course of a daily class period.

Lesson plans help guide teachers through the thought process of the time they spend with a class. In particular they help teachers be thoroughly prepared and make certain that they have everything they need. Lesson plans consist of several main parts but can consist of dozens depending on the length of the lesson. The primary part of the lesson is the objective. The objective is really the rationale behind why you are doing the lesson. It states what the students will be able to do after completing the lesson. The second component of the lesson is usually related to curriculum standards. In this section we indicate which national, state, or local curriculum standard this lesson addresses. You should also keep a list or explanation of the materials that are needed for the lesson. This serves as a kind of recipe for the lesson. This brings us to the meat of the lesson that is the procedures section. This is where we list step by step what needs to occur. Any educator should be able to review this section and be able to produce a similar lesson. The final section of a quality lesson is an assessment section. This is where a teacher predetermines the mode, they will take to assess whether their students achieved the lesson objective.

Below you will find just over a dozen templates to help you create a lesson or unit plan.

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Print Lesson Plan Templates

Click the buttons to print each worksheet of the lesson.

Daily Lesson Plan

This is your standard lesson for everyday use.

Quick Outlook Template

All the important points are available within seconds.

Timed Daily Lesson Plan

Almost like a music score sheet, this plots out what you are doing along the way.

Objective Focused Lesson Template

tell us all the things you will do to meet those objectives.

Arrow Template

This is a completely different way of looking at it.

Multiple Subject Lesson Plan

This can be used by elementary subject areas that cross over or in situations of team teaching.

Daily Lesson Plan Guide

This is done in a nice boxed out area.

Unit Plan

An awesome way to keep quick notes on the items of a unit.

Weekly Lesson Plan

Sum up all five days on quick page for teachers.

Common Core Standards Planner

This plots out the: Standards and Descriptions, The Learner Will..., and Method of Assessment of Skills.

Monthly Planner

This gives you a quick way to take notes over 5 weeks.

Lesson Plan Calendar

Yes, this could be used as a regular calendar.

Reading Lesson Plan

We look at the critical progress of a reading lesson.

Guided Math Lesson Plan

We lead students to learn a new step.