Classroom Games – School doesn’t have to be boring. Keep your students enthusiastic with fun classroom games!

Games can be a huge success in an educational environment when they are used in a consistent and proactive manner. They can be a huge motivation factor for students. When students are motivated, they tend to participate more and pay attention. It really helps students learn to collaborate in a positive manner. It is also one of the few times where peer pressure can be a positive thing to help students come out of their educational comfort zone and help them become more vocal and in charge of their own destiny. This peer pressure can be used to create a controlled form of competitiveness that will heighten student involvement. The one thing that games help teachers achieve is to take away the stress of getting the wrong answer. Kids understand that games will have situations where getting an answer wrong is commonplace. This really helps students learn to manage risk much better. Students will learn to cooperate with one another much more and there can be many positive social aspects that are brought to life through classroom games.

As you cruise through all of the classroom games that we setup for you here you will quickly learn that you can use these with just about any content area and any grade level. We have a number of matching games available and the numeracy games can be used as games of chance or to help students learn their numeracy skills, it is entirely up to you. Five different sets of cards contain colors, fruits, numbers, sports, and different modes of transportation. Each set can be used as a Concentration card game—with simple 6-piece and expanded 12-piece sets—or used as part of a Bingo game with the customizable blank Bingo cards. Can be placed in a folder or envelope to be used as an individual work station activity, or mounted on a bulletin board for fun team competitions. Boost your students' memory and recall skills with these fun cards. As with all of our card games, we recommend laminating each piece to hold up to extended use.

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Classroom Games

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Big 10 Pages of Bingo Cards

Draw random colors and race to Bingo! For use with the Color cards below. You can use Bingo cards an infinite amount of different ways in your classroom. Initial most teachers were using this to create a competitive or community type of game to help students build their vocabulary and spelling skills. You can also turn this into a matching game or a brainstorming chart as well.

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Color Match Concentration

6 color cards for use with the Bingo set, or as a Concentration-style game. Doing this activity or something similar can really help students improve their memory skills. Just be repeating this process, you are helping students expand their minds.

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More Colors

6 more colors for use with the blank Bingo cards, or as a Concentration expansion pack. Who does not love an expansion pack?

Fruits Match 1

Playing games makes me hungry. Who wants a healthy fruit snack? You can print the whole thing once or just the first or second page twice, your choice.

Flavors of Fruits 2

More delicious Concentration cards to add to your fruit salad.

Number Game 1-6

Another Concentration card game with the first few simple numbers. You can also turn this into a subtraction or addition game by printing out this classroom game multiple times.

Counting Pallete 7-12

A numbers Concentration expansion pack to use after the first has been mastered. This class game can be used together with the previous game to create math operations concentration.

Action Sports Matching

Batter up! Who can race to the finish of this Concentration game first? A wide receiver making a deep catch, a ballerina in the air, a hurdler doing his thing, a batter at the plate, a girl juggling a soccer ball, and a keeper tending to the goal.

Recent Olympic Sports

Go for the gold with this sports Concentration expansion set. Some new sports for you: lacrosse, speed skiing, softball, ice dancing, women's basketball, and the mixed-gender swimming relay.

Planes, Boats, and Tractors

Roll on through this Concentration-style card game with different modes of transportation.

Trucks, Bikes, and Buggies

Take your game further with this transportation Concentration expansion pack.