On this page you will find a great helping of forms that teachers can use to speed up their day.

Teachers really have a tough job. In addition to being masters of the information and skills they are sharing with their students, they must provide a prescription for learning, and assess whether or not students have taken in this skill. In the ideal situation that is all teachers would ever have to do, but that is just the surface of what teachers do. Teachers use a mass of resources to prepare and execute their lessons. These resources need to be often stored and organized. In order to provide a proper learning environment for students, teachers will often need to manage the behavior of students and the class as a whole. The entire time they are performing these endless tasks, administrators expect teachers to document just about every aspect of their classroom. This ranges from what Sally may have scored on a quiz three weeks ago to who used the restroom last Thursday at 10 a.m.

This selection of teacher forms is great to help teachers maintain order in their classroom and lives for that matter. These teacher forms will help students begin to attribute a sense of ownership on their work, behavior, and study habits. There are many helpful pieces for teachers to be found here. The sheets can help you build documentation on your students to help shift accountability more in their direction when administrators and parents come calling. We also have little reminders available here to be used with your everyday. There a wide variety of logs to help you track what goes on around your classroom. If you get students into the habit of completing these forms, it becomes common place. You should save a ton of time by using such forms to speed your day along. Just print them and keep copies for the next time you will need it, which will be often.

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Print Teacher Forms

Click the buttons to print each worksheet of the lesson.

Student Learning Contract

A great way to start the year off on the right foot for students, teachers, and parents.

Behavior Log

This could be used as a way to document a constant behavior and work towards correcting and helping students mature.

Behavioral Documentation Form

This letter is to notify you that your child behaved in an unacceptable manner that resulted in a Discipline Referral.

50 Ways to Say, "Good Job!"

Phrases to have handy to get more meaning out of your praise toward students.

Detention Record

Keep a record of any detention cases, if needed.

Detention Log

If I have to serve as a detention liasion, I have students complete this to track what they supposed to be working on.

Individual Detention Log

This is for when you only have one or a few students with you after school.

Blank Bingo Card

A Bingo card that can be applied to any class activity.

Bigger Blank Bingo Card

This card has space for 46 items.

Graph Grid

When you need some printable graphing paper.

Grading Rubric

A nice rubric template that can be used to assess any form of student work.

I Borrowed It...

When you lend anything to students, make them fill this out. Believe me, things have a tendency of walking away.

Book Check Out Form

A way to track books that you lend out.

Class Survey

For each question below, circle the number that best describes your opinion on the issue. Use the key below.

Reading Response Form

Do you wish to read more books by this author? Explain.

Writing Check-up

Track writing assignments that students are to complete.

Late Work Reminder

The following assignment(s) is/are incomplete or missing:

Homework This Week

A reminder for students and a way for parents to stay organized.

Pencil Outline

A border writing paper that helps you theme a sign.

Tic-Tac-Toe Student Assignments

A great way to offer optional assignments. Hint: the most difficult assignments should be towards the core boxes.

Your Academic Checkup

Based on what the teacher has observed and recorded, you need to:

Missing Work Check-up

Please be aware that you have not completed the following assignments:

Good News Tickets

Let's parents know when their kids are crushing it for you.

Parent Teacher Conference Record

Always keep a record of these.

Parent / Guardian Contact Log

Another must have. When parents do not respond, log that too.

From the Desk Of:

A quick note for home.

Weekly Progress Report

A great way to help students that are struggling.

Medication Form

I authorize the school medical personnel to see that my child...

Medication Form Part 2

The rest of what you need to know.

Field Trip Permission Form

For a student to partake in the field trip, it is required that he/she have the bottom part of this form completed by a parent/guardian.

Bus Change Form

This is a needed transportation form.

Items Needed List

A list of required materials for students to bring home.

Messy Warning Form

When you know that an activity could get messy, let parents know.

It's Open House!

Communicate this to parents.

You're Invited

An invitation form for all types of occasions.

Home-Teacher Daily Communication Form

A great way to dialogue with parents.

I'm Late!

Document students that show up late to class.

I'm Leaving

Document students that leave your class.

Message to Substitute Teacher

A quick way to communicate with substitutes.

Absentees When You Are Away

Please List the Students That Are Absent by Class.

Substitute Teacher Important Information Chart

Key information that you fill is need to know for your replacement.

Routines Guide for Substitute

Explain a normal day in your life.

Lesson Plan

A template to fully communicate a lesson or just remind yourself.

Lesson Plan Part 2

The ending to the above template.

Opportunities For The Day

Track what might make it's way to your portfolio.

Curriculum Compactor Plan

A great way to keep it all together.

Curriculum Development Planner

Choose a learning objective and consider the various types of activities students might be able to do to meet this objective.

A Simple Syllabus

For secondary classes.

Course Schedule

For more advanced students.

Brainstorm for Unit Plan

This will help bring up some ideas.

Weekly Unit Planning Form

Get all your ideas down on one form. I always find myself looking this over and completing it the week before.