Report Card Comments – Keep the lines of communication with parents open with these printable report card comment pages.

Research has proven time and time again that the more constructive feedback a person receives, the more they improve. This only makes sense. How can you get better if you do not know what you are doing wrong? Most K-12 schools do a good job of getting students feedback regularly with the help of report cards and progress reports. Most school run on a quarterly or trimester basis. This means that there are three to four formal review periods. We find that most schools will also issue progress reports to students between the formal assessment stage. This doubles the feedback for students, which is great. For teachers it is a little different. Assessment is one of the toughest jobs in teaching because not only do you want to be accurate in your assessment, but you want to strive to constructive and give the kids and their families something to work with. It can be difficult to be constructive when you are saying the same thing over and over. Especially when you are using the standard computer-generated report card comments.

This is where these report card comments that you will see below come in super handy. Most progress report are handwritten or computer generated with an other section this is where we give you tons of ideas that are based on the skill you are evaluating or the content topic. We have comments set by grade level and content area. Below you will see a description of each report card comment and an example comment of each form. Each of the following sets of pages should cover most subject modules-as well as general fields of assessment-from Kindergarten through High School. Print them out and use them to rapidly identify areas (academic, behavioral, etc.) that may need improvement, suggest learning strategies, encourage parents to participate in helping their child with the subject matter, complement good students, suggest advancement, and more! Each set contains up to three pages. If your curriculum deviates significantly from the subject matter covered in these pages, use them as a guide for making up your own comment pages.

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Printable Report Card Comments

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Early Elementary Math 1 - Skills

Odd and even numbers, counting money, basic functions, etc.

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Early Elementary Math 1 - Skills

Measuring, paying attention, skip counting, telling time, etc.

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Early Elementary Math 3 - Facts and Tests

Subtraction fact families and test proficiency.

Early Elementary Science 1 - Skills

Plants, astronomy, the continents, improvement, etc.

Early Elementary Science 2 - Content

Self control, modeling, sound, staying focused, safety, etc.

Early Elementary Science 3 - Projects

Science projects, mastery of the material, helping other students, etc.

Early Elementary Social Studies 1

States, historical facts, map use, economics, homework, etc.

Early Elementary Social Studies 2

Quiz results, politics, grades, class trip, class participation, etc.

Early Elementary Social Studies 3

Map commentary, local history, community, high grades, etc.

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General Elementary Report Card Comments

Comments concerning basic Math and Language Arts modules.

General Early Elementary Page 3

History, the fifty states, Social Studies great grades, etc.

General Early Elementary Report Card Comments

Math and Language Arts. Attitude, grade improvement, verb tenses, parts of speech, etc.

Elementary - Behavior, Science, and Social Studies

Class clown, forgetting work, attitude about school, always prepared, class participation, etc.

General Early Elementary Comments 2

Math and Language Arts. Great attitude, steady improvement, falling behind, etc.

General Early Elementary Comments 3

Social Studies. Take home work, projects, attitude, failing to complete work, etc.

Behavioral Elementary

Non class specific. Attitude, helpfulness, working hard, following the rules, etc.

Behavioral Elementary 2

Non class specific. Effort, test performance, personal space, disrespectful, safety, etc.

English Language Arts Elementary

Cause and effect, parts of a book, fact and fiction, poetry, penmanship, etc.

English Language Arts Elementary 2

Great year, staying on topic, reading progress, essay results, grammar, simile and metaphor, etc.

Elementary Math Comments

Measuring, careless mistakes, place values, estimating, decimals, etc.

Elementary Math 2

Variables, patterns, area and perimeter, shapes, fractions, excelling, geometry and angles, etc.

Finishing Elementary Math 3

In danger of failing, identifying line segments, challenging, great progress, etc.

Elementary Science Report Card Comments

Matter, biomes, water cycle, animal classification, class performance, progress, etc.

Science For Elementary

Moon phases, cells, following the rules, great grades, missing book, class presentation, etc.

Elementary Social Studies Reports

Class participation, class speech, paying attention, class rules, projects, etc.

Social Studies Ender

Completing in-class assignments, staying focused, improvement, class participation, tutor, etc.

Elementary Social Studies Page 3

The branches of government, class speeches, meeting standards, advanced placement, etc.

General High School Report Card Comments

Math and Language Arts. Algebra 1, geometry, calculus, paying attention, weekly vocabulary, etc.

High School General 2

Behavior, Science, Social Studies. Disruptive, model student, note taking, science fair, great grades, advanced placement, etc.

High School Page 3

History. Pop quiz performance, completing homework, danger of failing, etc.

High School Behavior

Non class specific. Attitude, vulgar language, not listening, fitting in, excessive talking, etc.

High School Behavior 2

Non class specific. Horseplay, dress code, fighting, popular, fantastic student, great listener, etc.

English Language Arts High School

Writing, developing ideas, great vocabulary, research, literary magazine, etc.

English Language Arts High School 2

Reading, analyzing text, writing arguments, not engaged, class presentation, etc.

English Language Arts High School 3

Investigative writing, journals, advanced placement, tutoring, helping others, etc.

High School Math Report Card Comments

Quick learner, helping other students, analyzing word problems, mastering basics, etc.

High School Math 2

Geometry, careless mistakes, statistics, excellent command of material, algebra 2, test scores, tutoring, etc.

High School Math Comments 3

Making more effort, bad attitude, math team, frustrated, trigonometry, etc.

High School Science

Improving grades, safety, note taking, sketches, redoing assignments, understanding a scientific calculator, etc.

High School Science 2

Additional help, mastery, quiz performance, teacher concerns, fantastic work, etc.

High School Science 3

DNA, encouragement, module mastery, advancement, failing, great performance, etc.

Behavioral Early Elementary

Non class specific. Tough time transitioning, homework, taking time, testing, organization, etc.

High School Social Studies

Museum program, world history, advanced placement, tutor, awards, missing notes, etc.

High School Social Studies 2

Excelling, attention span, needs improvement, tutoring, summer school, research, etc.

High School Social Studies 3

Reading assignments, losing focus, completing tests, extra credit work, etc.

General Kindergarten

Math and Language Arts. Primary standards, counting, progress, shapes, paying attention, daily reading, writing practice, etc.

General Kindergarten 2

Behavior and Science. Excellent student, following rules, animal classification, five senses, journal work, etc.

General Kindergarten 3

Social Studies. Class participation, falling behind, American symbols, positive student, etc.

Behavioral Kindergarten

Non class specific. Disrespectful, fantastic helper, safety rules, making progress, parent thank you, etc.

Behavioral Kindergarten 2

Non class specific. Adjusting, maturity, making friends, joy in class, toys from home, etc.

Behavioral Kindergarten 3

Non class specific. Playing too rough, conscientious, ideal student, etc.

Behavioral Early Elementary 2

Non class specific. Star student, work ethic, class council, making effort, testing scores, helpful, etc.

English Language Arts Kindergarten

Letter identification, letter sounds, rhyming words, reading level, etc.

English Language Arts Kindergarten 2

Sign identification/reading, misspelled words, reading, letter transposition, reasoning, etc.

English Language Arts Kindergarten 3

Spelling, reading, writing, picture books, helping other students, etc.

Kindergarten Math

Learning time, addition, grade improvement, practice, organization, money, counting levels, etc.

Kindergarten Math 2

Patterns, shape names, writing numbers, helping other students, advancing, repeating grade, etc.

Kindergarten Science Report Card

Five senses, life cycles, weather, class presentation, listening, focusing, etc.

Kindergarten Science 2

Seasons, material classification, supplies needed, passing the class, improvement, observation journal, etc.

Kindergarten Social Studies

Maps, significant improvement, rules, struggling, summer school, meeting state standard, proud of student, etc.

Kindergarten Social Studies 2

Understanding rules, history facts, class commentary, national holidays, helping other students, U.S. states, etc.

Kindergarten Social Studies 3

Speech memorization, class presentation, needs improvement, great progress, great job, etc.

English Language Arts Early Elementary

Struggling, base words and endings, great progress, danger of failing, story summarization, facts and opinions, etc.

English Language Arts Early Elementary 2

Writing complete sentences, cause and effect, completing assignments, contractions, improving writing, etc.

English Language Arts Middle School

Writing short stories, poetry, sentence structure, required reading, improving homework, Shakespeare, etc.

English Language Arts Middle School 2

Failing to complete assignments, public speaking, truancy, excelling, writing reports, tutor, etc.

English Language Arts Middle School 3

Disruptive behavior, contributing to class discussions, excellent writing skills, speech team, etc.

Middle School Math

Dropping grades, ratios, powers of 10, multiplying fractions, decimal place values, mastering multiplication, etc.

Middle School Math 2

Fractions to decimals, integers, exponential notation, rational numbers, whole number percentages, algorithms, struggling, etc.

Middle School Math 3

Falling grades, parts of a circle, great grades, surface area, amazing job, practice with math tools, etc.

Middle School Science

Cell structure, ecosystems, risk of failing, food chains, following lab rules, difficulty explaining material, etc.

Middle School Science 2

Grade improvement, models, landforms, verge of failing, science whiz, states of matter, solutions, water movement, etc.

Middle School Science 3

Solutes and solvents, tutor, force and motion, Newton’s laws, graphing, perfect grade, etc.

Middle School Social Studies

Geography, remedial work, Great Depression, flag project, class presentations, honor roll, etc.

Middle School Social Studies 2

Poor attitude, Civil Rights, presidents, missing projects, failing tests, excellent project work, class speeches, etc.

Middle School Social Studies 3

Ancient history, after school lessons, leadership, more effort needed, poor work, current event journal, etc.