A great set of activities to engage students into thinking at critical levels.

When students really want to challenge themselves, we encourage them to try these activities. Brain teasers are puzzle or short questions that require you to think in an unconventional manner. This will help you develop strong skills that require to pay attention to simple details that most people will often overlook. These are great for helping students to learn analytical skills. You will be required to really understand what is being asked of you and the answer that you devise must be defensible. Once you come up with a solution, test it. Are there instances where solution does not hold up to reason. How to Solve Brain Teasers Who does not like brain teasers? We all do. Though sometimes it difficult to even comprehend them, but they still are favorites of everybody. Brainteaser is a question that requires you to use your logic and analysis, and comprehend a hypothetical situation to give an answer to it. It uses abstract information, and they are thrown at you to assess your capability to solve a problem via the correct answer. To approach a brain-teaser, do the following: Make sure you are clear about the question. If not, then read it again and make sure that you understand it correctly. Think about it. When you come across a brain teaser, don't be tempted to say the first answer that comes to your mind. Take some time and think about it, then give the answer. Begin your answer following a logical sequence. Make sure to understand the logic in the brain teaser. Emphasize on your thought process more than the final answer.

The best way to approach these is to start with the Occam's razor technique which tells us that simplicity is often overlooked. Usually the simplest (, but not obvious) answer is often the correct one. You should first make sure you understand what the question is looking for. If you see any holes in the question, look for sense of clarity. Many of these problems will have several acceptable answers. Ask yourself if this question is one of those circumstances. When reading the question look for words that may have multiple meanings, the answer or path toward the solution often resides within those words or concepts. Have fun with all the brain teasers that you will find below. We offer answers for them, but in many cases another answer may suit it as well.

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Printable Brain Teaser Worksheets

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Who Won?

Jack and Jill both told their parents about the results of the marathon. Their friends Bill, George, and Karen were all in the race. Jack told his parents that Bill won the race and George came in second.

Dylan's Dogs

Dylan has seven dogs, but they don't always all get along. Draw three straight lines that will separate Dylan's dogs into their own yards.


Remove sticks to solve the puzzles. Circle the sticks you would remove.

Magic Square

Place one of the numbers one through nine in each square so that the sum of each row of numbers - horizontally, vertically, and diagonally - equals 15.

The Squares

How many squares at in this picture?

Empty Jars

If you put a bead in an empty jar and screw the top on the jar, how can you get the bead back out without breaking the jar?

Associated Word Riddles

What four-letter word can you add to each set of words to create three compound words for each set? Write the word in the box.

Riddle Time

The man who built it doesn't want it. The man who bought it doesn't need it. The man who needs it doesn't know it. What is it?

Math Brain Teasers

What's the missing number?

Picture Math

Solve for each picture.

Picture Phrases

Write each phrase on the line.

What Is It?

Sometimes I get ahead of you. Sometimes I fall behind you. I come and go. Some you won’t see me at all.

Word Colors

Work with a partner to take turns saying the color of each word as fast as you can.

The Dots

Draw four straight lines to connect all the dots WITHOUT lifting your pencil from the paper. You can only pass through each dot once!

Letter Ladder

Change one letter in each word to complete the word ladder. Use the clues.